Am I an Adult Yet?

Congratulations to all the new graduates from this weekend! Welcome to life as an adult… dun dun dunnnn. It was pretty funny watching all the little high school proms too. Great part about living in Ottawa as that we’re 5 minutes away from Quebec, so we were allowed to drink at 18. Memories of prom consisted of… well… hmm… what little I do remember was plenty of kids getting their drinking bracelets cut off.

I also attended my cousin’s wedding on Saturday in London, Ontario. There really is nothing to do in London except drink, drink, and drink some more and other inappropriate activities not suitable for blogging. We went to a little dinner gathering at the groom’s house and I started talking to my cousin’s beautiful wife.

We talked about what I’ve been up to and I told her about my new job and she told me how lucky I was. I’ll be 23 next Saturday, university degree, fresh on the job in my field of study. I laughed and told her it’s really nothing special. I sit at a desk and write reports. My dream is to be creative… not pound away at a keyboard. Excel spreadsheets; every kid’s fantasy!

“That’s the beauty of being young and free” she said “you can do anything you set your mind to!”

I can just hear your eyes roll all the way through the computer. Ugh. The stupid cliché line. Please, I’ve heard it a million times and I know you have too. But when I heard it this time, it really hit me.

She was speaking an absolute truth. She told me how as she gets older she learns about life (yes, another corny line). She is only 30, has two amazing kids and 7 years of marriage. She was married at my age! AH! One of her deepest wishes is to go back and get more education.

“You want something. You work your butt off to get it!” That’s what she tells her daughter, as I’m sure you were told. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Does having an education really set me apart? Our generation is the most educated yet, having the highest number of university graduates. Everything I learned has been forgotten or tossed out the window. All I got was a $30 000 piece of paper. I suppose it gave me a renewed work ethic to be able to stay up until 3am working on an essay.

That framed piece of 20 cent paper may seem like nothing but it really does open up doors of possibility. You can’t get a good job without that paper. Actually right now, you’re lucky to get any job.

We really are able to do whatever we want to do! I passed out on a ferris wheel, so I suppose being a pilot is out of the question, aside from that, I can do whatever I set my mind to.

If I want to be a creative director, or a chief marketing officer, I can be! Only YOU set your own limits. I have to be willing to spend another few years in school for a diploma or MBA and I have to work my butt off!

As a new graduate you may be thinking to yourself that you’re set. You’re finally done your 18 years of schooling and you’re ready for your job! I’m sorry, you’re not. It sucks. REALLY sucks. You’re just a baby to others and they may laugh at your ideas. Does that mean you should stop and give up?

No way! You push and push and push. You’ve set a goal for yourself. I want to be a CMO, and maybe you want rub your mansion in the face of all your high school friends. Whatever it is, you set that goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

If you decide that’s too hard, do you really think you deserve to reach that goal?

As a new graduate, now is the time to do everything you ever wanted to do. Don’t let anything hold you back.

As my favourite kid’s show character, Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus said: “it’s time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

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