Arbor Day: The Newest Craze

A lot of people have been asking me about my plans for this coming weekend. When they do, I first give them a look that questions their intelligence as a human being. Then I respond with: “I can’t believe you have to ask!” At this point they are either extremely confused or upset (depending on if I can pull off the death stare—I’m terrible at executing the death stare, but when I am successful, it is truly deadly). Either way, they’ll usually have the guts to ask me a second time.

“Fine,” I’ll respond. “Obviously you know that this Friday is Arbor Day.” (They usually don’t.) “I’m celebrating Arbor Day this weekend.” Responses so far have ranged from some people laughing at how crazy I am, to others never having heard about Arbor Day.

I really do plan on celebrating Arbor Day this year—just not in the traditional sense. I won’t be planting trees or anything like that. My plans began to form when I read this web comic: I immediately proceeded to search the date of Arbor Day, and discovered that it lands on the last Friday of April. (Fun fact: fellow blogger Liz’s birthday fell on Arbor Day last year.) If hipsters from comics could throw wicked environmental holiday parties, then you’d better believe I was going to as well.

All joking aside, it’s fairly safe to say that Arbor Day should become the first spring long weekend on which it is acceptable to party (I don’t think very many people would appreciate it if I tried to put that status on Easter…). Give or take a few friends, every university student I know officially be on vacation. What better reason to get together and celebrate? Other than the trees and such, of course!

I apologize. This is what happens when I am asked to work an 11 hour shift: I begin talking about Arbor Day. Just be thankful I’m not talking about Marmaduke*. I can talk forever about Marmaduke and how funny it is(n’t).

See, it’s funny because he’s a dog. I’m laughing hysterically (no joke) and I know you are too!

Anyway, it’s nearly Arbor Day, which means you’re that much closer to being done (if you aren’t already)! You can do it! Marmaduke has faith in you!

I also tweet nonsensically after long days. If you want to check that out, you can go here:


*This strip is my personal favourite and I went through the effort of scanning it in for you, the readers. I know you’re loving it!

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