Average Andrea: A New Grad in the Work World

Thursday morning I walked into my boss’ office to discuss a report I was working on. Somehow, we started talking about social media which led us into talking about blogs. I told him how much I disliked blogs. I find bloggers so obnoxious and self absorbed. Do I really need to hear you rub in your trip to Paris? I really could care less about your theories on LOST (which, by the way, all turned out so wrong). Oddly, my boss agreed. He doesn’t like the way people who have no authority on a subject act as though they are experts.

Later on that afternoon he brought me back with a co-worker:

“Andrea wants to try blogging.”

I’m sorry, boss? Did you not get me this morning? We both agreed blogs are ridiculous. This is where I shut my mouth. As a new employee (and a temporary one at that) you take any job you can get.

I got some more information. I slowly realized, that this was actually perfect. What am I an expert on? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am an expert on being a new grad in the worst job market ever. I am an expert on having the most un-wanted degree in the market right now. I am an absolute expert on being unemployed…for afull year.

I’m nothing special. I didn’t even get a scholarship. Don’t get me wrong, I was a good student…but I was never on the +90% Deans list. I’m the average new grad. I wasn’t scooped up like I thought I would be in second year. I spent a full year being jobless and reading anything I could get to help me find a job, fine tune my resume and network. I’m sure you’re doing the same…or fearing getting to that part.

A lot of what you read you’ll think is absolute junk. It’s from experts who are overly optimistic and you really don’t think it applies to you. In one ear, out the other. I picked up my first Career Options Magazine, and honest, absolute truth, not a word of a lie: I was awestruck. They got it. They had the articles of looking at all those things I would lay awake at night thinking about. I flipped through and saw a picture of a student under an umbrella that read “Commerce Students: Dreams in the Downturn”. I showed it to my dad and said:

“SEE! SEE! It’s not that easy!! I’m not the only one.”

Trust me, You are not the only one. The unemployment rate is at 8.1% but don’t use that as an excuse to not try. There are a lot of resources out there to help you. For me, I was able to use my network. I’ve been here for a month now and I’ve learned so much in the first month of work and that one year of unemployment than university could ever hope to teach me.

Hopefully, sharing my experience may help you. I hope to share with you some real world tips, not sugar coated; for the average person who wasn’t their class president, on every single committee in existence, minted with medals and winner of the debate team.

So let’s hear from you! What would you like to hear about? Where are you in your “career” or lack thereof? What are your goals?

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