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So here I am again, writing to you about exams, as I did back in December. I’m most of the way through mine now. My first exam was on Monday—Theatre Practice, which covered everything from how to put together a wall of flats properly to what solution you should use for cleaning theatre lights (the correct answer is water and vinegar). Exams are never easy, and this semester was made especially hard by my heavy, heavy course load, plus my struggles with insomnia.

But I think I’ve done well on my exams thus far. My second one, Health and Safety, was this morning. The course itself was extremely easy, a three-hour lecture once a week on how to wear safety goggles, or why you shouldn’t ingest bleach. Basic stuff like that. So of course, the exam reflected this—I finished it in 45 minutes. And let me tell you something: when you are allotted two hours to write an exam, and you finish in forty-five minutes, it is NOT generally a good thing. I mean, sure it’s multiple choice, but… too easy, you know? You sit there and sweat, looking around at your peers and wondering why you were able to finish so quickly. Did you get them all wrong? So you start looking over your answers, a little panicked by this point, and start to second-guess facts that you were absolutely dead certain about just a few minutes ago.

Exam advice: when it comes to multiple choice, you either know the answer or you don’t. So if you know the answer right off the bat, mark it, leave it, and do not ever look at it again. Otherwise, if you do, you’ll start second-guessing.

After I answer ALL the questions I am dead certain of, I go back and start using deduction to figure out the rest. I pick out the answers that are NOT correct to get to the right one. And, if all else fails, I look at my scan-tron sheet and try to pick a bubble based on which ones have NOT been filled out in a little while. If I haven’t answered “D” for the last 15 questions, then there’s a fairly good chance the answer to this one is “D,” right? Am I the only one who does that? I doubt it.

So I am going home for Easter weekend after this, and then I have to be back at school by the 27th for my final exam: Theatre History. AND THEN I AM DONE!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! It’s nice to have a big long break before that one, because that means I have plenty of time to study. You know, because I will TOTALLY be using that time to study. I won’t be partying or visiting my friends. No SIR… 😉

No luck with the job hunt yet, but I’ve been suggested some more places to apply by some family members and friends, so hopefully I’ll have more luck with these. Wish me luck everyone! And good luck back to all you readers out there who are also writing your exams. It’s a stressful time, but we can make it!

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