Back to School Blues

I am the luckiest student in the world. I have to keep telling myself that as the date that classes start on draws ever nearer. My exams were over on the thirteenth of December, and my classes don’t start up again until the tenth of January, so I’ve basically had a whole month off to just lay around the house and catch up on all the sleep I missed last semester. And so I am returning to school on Monday with renewed enthusiasm and vigour, if a bit lazy and well-fed (SO many dinner parties this Christmas!)

After the break, apartment hunting begins, and that one is gonna be tricky, and I’m a bit nervous for it. What if my roommate and I can’t agree on a place? What if we can’t FIND a place? What if it’s too far from the school? I’ve loved living so close to campus – I’m within walking distance of everything, which is convenient, since I am not a fan of buses or subways. I am forever missing them. We absolutely MUST find a place nearby, if only for safety. Both Alex and I are always working late, so having to take the subway home past midnight in downtown Toronto does NOT seem like a fun or safe plan.

My parents also went over a ton of stuff about leases with me, ninety per cent of which I did not know about in the slightest. So if any of you are in residence, and are looking at apartments for next year, make sure you talk to your parents, a lawyer, or SOMEBODY who knows about apartment leases, and can help you. Also, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE LEASE. And keep copies of everything. This is what I learned from my parents, anyway. 🙂

I’m very excited to be going back – after four months of nonstop work and studying and social interaction, it’s been a bit weird spending all this time laying about at home with nothing to do. I think it’ll be good – if a bit difficult – to get back into that pace of things. So while I’ll miss sleeping in ’til two in the afternoon and eating home-cooked meals, I will be glad to get back to the work that I love.

It feels good, you know? To know you’re in the program that is exactly right for you, and you’re on the right path.

It will also feel good to be out on my own again, I think. I love my family more than I could express, but it is a bit of a weird adjustment to live with them again after four months of total independence. For one thing, we’re operating in different time zones. They want to go to bed around eleven, eleven-thirty, whereas I’m still ready to go at three am.

It’s almost a bit like culture shock.

Now, on the reverse side, I am terrified of what is to come. We have been told, those of us in first year Performance Production, that second semester is much more harrowing than first: harder classes, longer show calls, tougher marking from the teachers, more difficult subjects… Well if it really is all that the upper years say it is, then pray for me, dear readers, because this could be one heck of a bumpy ride.

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