Community Employment Resource Centres

All right, so it’s time to leave my Skins-induced solitary confinement and get back to writing. Don’t worry, it’s the British Skins. Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed I had two job interviews on Friday. This soon became one interview and dropping my resume off at the other place, but that’s all irrelevant anyway.

What I really want to talk about are Community Employment Centres. Essentially these centres provide assistance and resources to those who cannot find employment on their own for any reason or who, like me, are having an unsuccessful job hunt.

The centre where I went was a non-appointment, drop-in setting. Located in a tucked-away building behind a Harvey’s, it would be difficult to notice without further knowledge of it. The actual office itself reminded me of any guidance councillor’s office that I had been in. A waiting room filled with pamphlets and motivational posters, a secretary and a hall of offices for each of the individual councillors. As well there is a bank of computers available for resume writing, job searches etc. and a whiteboard listing some local businesses that are hiring. I think McDonalds might always be on there…

The first step in the process was to fill out an application almost identical to any cookie cutter job app found at a grocery story or movie theatre, for example. Once I was done with that, it was looked over and I was asked a few questions about my qualifications, my current employment status, education, age, mode of transportation etc.

I was then assigned a councillor that would help me with my job hunt. To do this I was asked a further series of questions, this time mostly about myself. What are my interests, talents etc. What did I like most about my past jobs as well as, what kind of job I would most like to get. My councillor then suggested that I should reconsider the formatting for my resume. We then set up another meeting for a few days later, and at that time she would have a new resume made for me.

After rescheduling multiple times due to my Toronto trip beginning earlier than expected, conflicts on my councillor’s side and then the snow storm, we were finally able to meet again last Thursday. During this meeting I was given my new resume and my councillor asked more questions about where I might want to work after completing some research based on what she knew about me from our lasting meeting. I then left and resumes were sent out. Not an hour after leaving the centre I received a phone call for an interview the following day.

So, even if you are applying for jobs during one of the worst times of year to do so there are opportunities out there for you. The employment centre is a great, free resource that will hopefully find me employment in the end.

Anyway, I’ve been given a list of chores to complete during my time off so I’m off to complete those. Joy. I need a job. Have a good week!

Fraser Tripp

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