Welcome to the Do’s and Don’ts of Co-op

Are you a current or former co-op student? Have you completed an internship? Are you an employer or career advisor who works with co-op students?

Join Career Options as we attempt to write THE article on co-op advice. We need your unique insight!

The top advice will be published in the next edition of Career Options magazine—including your Twitter handle!

The Guidelines (it’s simple):

• Tweet to @Career_Options
• Use the hashtag #CoopTip
• Provide your advice on co-ops/internships, structured as a DO or DON’T
• You can tweet as many tips as you like.
• Feel free to be creative or funny!

Here are some examples:

@Career_Options Do get your resumé tested by your career centre #CoopTip


@Career_Options Don’t limit yourself to online co-op applications

The Timeline

The week of Monday, November 11th to Monday, November 18th—all tweets will be taken into consideration.

The Outcome

You’ll be published in a NATIONAL magazine! And it’s as easy as tweeting 140 characters.

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