December – A Mad House

So – it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, and I must apologize to you all for that. My December was a bit of a nut-house, if you can imagine. Exams went by – hopefully without incident – and there was so much studying to be done, I barely even slept for a week (as I mentioned in my previous entry). I had four exams this semester: Elements of Production, Lab Classes (a blanket exam that covered electricity, costume and wood shop), Theatre History and Pop Literature.

The big problem was that my very last exam – Theatre History – was on Monday. And it was not too soon before that when I learned that we had only twenty-four hours after our last exam to vacate our residence rooms. Checks would be done to make sure we had cleared out. This policy prevents people who are done their exams from partying and therefore disturbing the people who are still studying for their exams. This makes sense, and I’m all for it, since it forced my noisy neighbours to shut up for once (early Christmas present). However, it did mean that I did not have very much time to clean my room, empty my firdge, do my Christmas shopping, pack to go home and buy a train ticket. So, as you can imagine, it was an absolute nightmare. Somehow, I managed it all. So that night, after my exam, I set my alarm for nine o’clock, climbed into bed, and went to sleep.

My train ride home to Ottawa was for noon on that Tuesday. Guess who slept through her nine o’clock alarm and woke up at twelve thirty on Tuesday? Let me tell you, there is nothing more terrifying, humiliating and altogether gut-wrenching than the phone call home to let your parents know that you missed your train, wasted over a hundred dollars thanks to said missed train, and would not be arriving home until at least eight o’clock instead of four, IF you manage to buy another train ticket home at all. Out of guilt, I paid for the second ticket myself, though it was a tight squeeze for the budget, and nearly had a heart attack when the last train of the day sold out AS I was buying a ticket for the two o’clock train. All in all, it was an experience I’d love to never repeat.

Note to self: When alarm goes off, do NOT roll over, shut it off, mumble “five more minutes” and then go back to sleep, thinking you have the power to wake yourself in “five more minutes.”

You don’t.

I finally did make it home though, and now I have basically a month off classes to relax and eat properly and revel in Christmas-y goodness. Classes start on the tenth, so I’m looking to go back on the seventh or eighth. I’ve had a good time so far, catching up with high school friends and such, plus visiting with one of the other bloggers here, Fraser. When I return to school, my friend Alex and I shall begin the dreaded, yet highly anticipated “wild apartment hunt.”

Stay tuned for more misadventures. 😉

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