Details, Details, Details!

I’m a details-oriented kind of person. I like to know what’s happening at what time. I base my life around schedules—or, at the very least, my sleep. So, when my older brother tells me he has to work at 11 and I say, “No, you have work at 9,” you’d think he would listen to me. I have this awful habit of always being right. Ask my friends.

However, being my brother, he proceeds to ignore me and insist that he works at 11 and, in frustration, I finally give up and agree with him, and we arrange to leave the house at 10. Fine.

With this being established, I know the one thing that is most important to me: I don’t need to be up until 9. I can stay up until X o’clock and not have to worry about being a complete mess in the morning. Wonderful.

The unfortunate thing around my house is that plans never work out. You’d think I would realize this by now. Maybe being away from home for the beginning of the year spoiled me. Yeah, that’s it. So, of course, on Sunday morning I’m woken up at 8:20 by my dad banging on my door, telling me that my older (and more responsible, supposedly) brother needs to be at work for 9.

All I can think is, I hate being right.

Because I had originally planned to sleep in until 9, my whole morning was thrown off. If you don’t really know me, then you probably think I sound crazy claiming that 40 minutes will throw me off. Trust me, I have this down to a science. And why are you even questioning this now? Did we not establish earlier that I am always right?

Anyway, what does any of this have to do with you? Good question, and don’t worry. After that long-winded introduction, I will finally get to the point.

In many professions, little slip-ups aren’t easily forgiven. Miss a deadline by an hour, and you could jeopardize the whole project. You’ll be losing more than sleep if this happens. To avoid this problem in your future career, now is the time to establish a work ethic that you can take with you into the real world.

Learn to plan ahead. If you are unsure about details, double-check them. Touch base with your peers, your associates, your boss, your teachers, whomever! Make solid plans to approach work or events in your own life. These plans should be infallible.

Treat your university/college courses, your part-time job and any other responsibility as you would your future career, because the habits you make now may just follow you for the rest of your life.

Oh man, that just got really heavy. I apologize for that. See, this is what happens when my sleep is interrupted: I go to dark places. But not really.

Anyway, it’s exam time! Good luck to you all! Stay sane, stay healthy and have fun!

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