Even Slow Job Hunts Have Their Benefits

So, when all I seem to have to talk about are job interviews, the weeks just seem to blur together. Guess what. It’s another one of those weeks!

My job hunt has been a bit of a struggle, showing great promise at times and then dropping me right back at the beginning. While it hasn’t given me a job, yet, this whole experience has helped me out in many way, so this week I thought “Why not talk about the benefits of a difficult job hunt?”

First of all, what makes a job hunt difficult? Well, you’ve probably handed out resume after resume to potential employer, maybe you’ve had a couple of interviews that never really panned out. You might be thinking “I felt so good about that one. Why didn’t they call me back?”

Anyway, the first thing I learned over the past two months of searching is that sometimes your resume, isn’t as good as you might suspect. It’s like that essay you worked so hard on, only to have it torn up by red pen and endless corrections. I’m sure your original resume is great, but it can never hurt to get a second opinion…or an entire rewrite.

The more interviews you have, the better you get! I’ve had a number of interviews where I thought everything went really well. I may have stammered a bit or threw in an “uh” or an “um”, but my answers were intelligent and I always did my best to make eye contact. That being said, my first few interviews I never had questions for the employer, I did have some trouble coming up with answers and at times, some of my answers weren’t always the greatest. After each interview I would re-evaluate my answers and solidify them for the next interview. I would plan a number of questions to ask the interview in case one or two might have already been covered, and I would be prepared for any curveball they might have to throw at me.

Answers don’t always have to be work related. Experiences in extracurricular activities and school can be used too. Life experiences not pertaining to work can also be applicable. For example, in my last interview I was asked about a time I set ambitious goals for myself. My answer: P90X. This actual seemed to hit home with the interviewer. I’ve never loved my workout more.

The final thing I learned is to always make sure you have some sort of correspondence. This could be to check in after handing in a resume or checking with the employer after a decent amount of time has passed. This is also extremely helpful if the number you have given the employer is your cell phone and then you proceed to lose said phone. Tip, if you have a home phone, give them that number first.

Anyway, I just recently assembled some IKEA furniture and therefore my room is in shambles. Not “Arizona Green tea cans everywhere”, like my fellow blogger Liz, but still pretty bad. Have a good week!

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