Fighting the Boredom Beast at Work

I’m coming up on my first year working as a young professional and in that time I’ve learned some harsh realities. For Example, your first job out of school is almost certainly not going to be the one you wanted (if you find one within you first 3 months of graduation, you deserve a freaking gold star) and you probably won’t earn nearly close to the amount you thought you would.

Sounds pretty grim but once you land your first job and you’ve put in your time, things can get a lot better. People are always looking for the new up-and-comers. The thing I love about my work (besides my amazing coworkers) is that my boss is willing to take a chance on me and let me prove myself.

Recently, my office has required I take on a new position as a project manager (PM). Project management is something completely new to me. It’s probably the most basic position a marketer will start out with, but I’ve never done it and it’s nothing we were ever taught in school.

My first week as a PM was pretty intense. I inherited a few accounts from a PM who left the previous Friday and I needed to catch-up. Things started to slow down and then my boss left for March break. My other accounts closed off and about 4 new accounts came in so everything has been put on hold until today.

I wrapped up everything I needed to do on the old accounts and then…nothing. There was so little to do that I was actually bored at work. The worst part is that I knew that starting today I am going to be incredibly busy but I couldn’t do anything about it!

So how the heck can a young professional battle boredom while still looking good in the workplace?

I started off by covering my own butt. I went through all of my old and new accounts and planned out what I needed to do. You can make work plans, creative briefs for your team, setup meetings, collect required documents for your project etc. Not only are you starting to get the work done, you’re making yourself look damn good being so prepared.

Next thing I did was look after our social media accounts and some client accounts. Normally there is just not enough time in a day but I got to do some catch-up this week. If you don’t have any social media accounts for your organization, like or Doing this will keep you up-to-date on your industry so you can have intelligent conversations with your peers and incorporate what you’ve learned into your strategies at work. I also like to include YouTube on the roster of important websites to visit. It’s great to help you find what is relevant in pop culture… and find funny viral videos to share with coworkers.

That’s one thing I love about marketing; I get paid to Facebook. Jealous much? (10 points if you get that reference.)

The next most important thing to do when bored is…

STARBUCKS RUN! I love 40th anniversary bashes/rebranding/lots of FREE treats!

It’s always nice to go for a short walk and bond with coworkers on your quest for a caffeine jolt.

Once you get settled back in, the next super, amazing and wonderful thing you can do is help out your teammates! It makes you look really helpful and caring and to creates strong team dynamics.

This won’t take up a full week of time but try to keep yourself busy.  When you get bored, you get lazy and just avoid doing anything productive at all costs.

Keep busy and you’ll keep looking good!

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