Friends: They’re There Through Break-Ups and Awful Bowl Cuts

The thing I love most about Christmas is how much it brings everybody together. This weekend I went to an annual brunch with a bunch of friends from high school and elementary  school. My good friend Amanda and her two roommates have been putting this shindig on for about 10 years now. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for such a wonderful occasion like this.

How many people still keep in touch with their elementary school friends?

Every year our Christmas brunch gets bigger and bigger with new friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. This year one of the girls got married and brought her husband. If we keep this  tradition up, soon we’ll all be bringing our kids (and the ginormous mess that comes with them.)

It’s unfortunate, but I really only get to see these girls once a year. But every time I see them, we pick-up like it was yesterday. Laughing about our old school teachers and our hilarious bowl cuts from the 3rd grade (yes, about 60% of us had bowl cuts. Don’t laugh because I know you had one too!)

Too many times have we all let a friendship fade; you didn’t call them, you didn’t email or message them back. Eventually you just disconnect from everybody and find yourself isolated. You usually come to this conclusion when it’s too late. This happens fairly frequently when you start a new relationship and begin to push off your friends to hang out with your new  boy/girlfriend. Suddenly you break up and when you need a shoulder to cry on…nobody is there.

It takes so much to build a friendship, and yet it takes so little to destroy it.

Whenever I go to that breakfast, I feel like I’ve been missing a little piece of myself and I’ve found it by being around all of my old friends. No matter where they are or what they’re up to, we always make it back to that brunch.

Reconnecting doesn’t need to be hard at all. If they call, call them back. They message you, message them back. If they haven’t messaged you, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. It’s your turn to make the initiative!

The hostess of our brunch always sends out invitations and birthday cards every year, via snail mail. Nothing makes you feel more special then getting a little something in the mail. It’s like when you order a book on and you finally get it in the mail, you know exactly what it is, but your face always lights up getting no matter what in the mail.

So this holiday season, I implore you to meet up with your old friends for a coffee, brunch or just a nice peaceful walk in the snow. Keep those ties that matter to you because after all your business and money is gone, you’ll feel lonely and empty without a friend by your side.

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