Good Old Family Television

Do you notice that whenever you turn on the television these days, a lot of what you see is violence, sex, drugs and a lot of other bad and inappropriate things? You go to watch the news, and there is nothing but stories and stories of more violent crimes abroad and here at home. You flip through the stations to see what’s on, and it’s another violent and bloody show with sex thrown in as part of the story.

Now, I watch a lot of television (with what few stations I have since I don’t have cable). And, I’m a fan of some television shows that are on today, such as Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Castle, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and Grey’s Anatomy, which all either have violence or sex (or both) as components of part of each show.

But, I’ve recently been watching old reruns of old television shows, such as The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Full House and The Crosby Show, and what I’ve been wondering recently is why don’t they have family shows like that on the air anymore (aside from reruns of course)? Why don’t they have shows anymore for kids and parents to watch and enjoy together as a family? Why don’t they have shows that kids can watch that cover topics and issues with characters they can relate to?

When I was a kid, the one and only show I ever watched was Full House. It was my favourite show. I always liked it because it had a character (the youngest girl Michelle) who was the same age as me and who had gone through or dealt with some issues or feelings that I had had as well.

For example, there was a particular episode in season 7 where Michelle’s great grandfather comes to visit and he’s supposed to go to school with her to teach her class a Greek dance. But, he ends up passing away in his sleep before he gets the chance and Michelle gets all upset. It’s a very emotional episode.

Right after I watched that episode back when it first aired, I remember crying on my mom’s shoulder because I was upset that I had never met my mother’s mom (she died before I was born). I was upset that I had never got to know her, and that she had never gotten to know me or teach me anything or go see me play hockey.

Now, I know that isn’t exactly the same as what the character of Michelle had gone through in the episode. But, casino online the emotions and that feeling of loss are the same, and it was the first time that I realized that I wasn’t the only kid out there who had lost their grandparent or didn’t even know them at all and that was a small comfort. To this day, when I watch that episode (I own the entire series), it still makes me cry and wish my grandmother got to know me and teach me things.

But, that’s one of the things that makes these older television shows great because they have characters in them that deal with issues and topics that kids can relate to.

Another thing that I liked about the old television shows, was how they demonstrated good old fashioned family values. You know, being good to one another, helping each other out, learning right from wrong and learning life lessons.

The only recent television show to date that has been remotely close to any of the shows that have been mentioned so far is 7th Heaven, which was on for 11 seasons and ended a few years ago. It had that same sense of learning life lessons, learning from your mistakes, covering issues and topics that other kids could relate to and good old fashioned family values that all the other shows focused on.

There needs to be more shows like these on television today.  Shows that parents and kids can watch and enjoy together. Shows that kids can relate to, and that are not violent, inappropriate or that have profane language.  Shows that teach kids that there are good people in the world, and that there are such things as happily ever after.

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