Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…

So, this past week I was feeling way down in the dumps. If you are applying for university Facebook may not be the best place to spend your time, especially if you are friends with a number of grade 12s who have also applied for the fall. Everyday a new status would go up, “Accepted!”, “Woot, university acceptance is so pretty!”, etc. Even my younger brother, who had applied at least a week and a half later than me, had already been accepted into his program while I had only been deferred from one of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for all of these people, but I thought I wouldn’t have to live through this again.

This was the exact same scenario I was involved in last year, except last year it made sense to me. All of my friends were getting early acceptance into nearly every program they had applied to. They were receiving entrance scholarships and figuring out which school they wanted to go to. Lunch conversations revolved around who got the most money offered to them or who would be living in residence. Meanwhile, I was stuck waiting and waiting. It wasn’t because of my grades or anything. Based on my grade 11 marks I would have gotten early acceptance. No problem there. The only problem was that I still needed to audition for schools. This year, having applied for more academic programs than fine arts programs, I expected to hear back a great deal sooner. Of course, this was not the case.

So, up until this past Thursday, I was quite the pessimist. Suffice to say I got started on the Easter chocolate early this year. Wednesday night was finally a night to blow off steam. My friend had invited me to a club for an event her school was putting on. A great time was had, steam was blown off and I arrived home at around 2 in the morning to find an e-mail in my inbox. An e-mail of acceptance.

This e-mail struck me as odd in two ways. One: why had it arrived so late in the evening? And two: I should have gotten a text about this! (I signed up for text alert with the university). Either way, after a night out, this was the perfect way to end my evening. It isn’t the main program I want to be in, but it’s a start. So, I went to sleep happy.

I think I may have neglected to mention the fact that I had a job interview last week in my last post. You may have saw me tweet about it if you follow me here though: Anyway, after a successful interview I was quickly asked to come back for a followup with the stores General Manager. They told me to bring a void cheque “just in case”. My followup was the same Thursday as the morning I received my acceptance. To make a long story short, some questions were asked, handshakes happened, and 20 minutes of paperwork later, I was officially employed! I was elated!

So, for any of you worried about getting a job, or acceptance, or internships: DO NOT PANIC! Good things come to those who wait! And, if you’re lucky like me, the longer you wait, the better the outcome! Anyway, as always, good luck to everyone still writing midterms and exams! You’re nearly there! To the rest of you, have a good week!

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