Happy Summer!

So…summer is right around the corner! What are the first few things that come to mind: patios, barbeques, perhaps a little relaxation in the sun? With final exams starting to wrap up this month, many of us are probably scrambling to find employment for the summer. In thinking about this same time of year, another really cool thing came to mind that could go alongside your summer plans. Volunteering at some great events such as festivals is an awesome way to gain some valuable experience (and memories) while basking in the warmth of summer all at once. Depending on where you are located in Canada, many areas liven up with all sorts of events featuring music, local arts and culture, and much more. For example, here in the Nation’s Capital we have the famed Bluesfest in which many volunteers are sought after (in fact, hundreds). In other areas across the country, fringe festivals are an amazing way to get involved in the community while enjoying the event itself. Finding something local to you is as easy nowadays thanks to the web. Also check out your current connections; friends, family, whoever might know more. In the meantime, here`s a list of some of the more major festivals going on across Canada this summer:

Halifax, NS –The Halifax International Busker Festival (August 9th-18th)

Montreal, PQ –The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (July 12th -22nd)

Quebec, PQ –Quebec City Summer Festival (July 5th -15th)

Montreal, PQ -Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (June 28th –July 8th)

Ottawa, ON –CISCO Ottawa Bluesfest (July 6th –July 18th)

Toronto, ON –Canadian National Exhibition The Ex (August 17th –September 3rd)

Toronto, ON –Caribana Festival (July 8th –August 9th)

Edmonton, AB –The Edmonton International Fringe Festival (August 16th -26th)

Calgary, AB –The Calgary Stampede (July 6th –July 15th)

There can be many perks with these summer events…free tickets, meet and greets, and networking. Ultimately these sorts of experiences are also a great addition to your resume. Now that I’ve given a few examples, what events are going on around your area? Any experiences that you have already had?

Happy summer!

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