Home Again, Home Again

So… I’ve officially moved back home now. I unfortunately did not get any calls back from the places I applied in Toronto—I guess it’s an even tougher market than I thought.

The moving process wasn’t so bad, though it did take me about four hours to pack, clean my room and get everything down to the van. My parents came down to Toronto to pick me up, which was sweet of them. I’ve accumulated so much crap over the past year, there’s no way I would have made it home on the train.

Being back at home is a little odd, especially since my 19th birthday was just last Saturday. This is the first time that my parents have had to live with another full-fledged adult in the house. After my older brother moved out, he didn’t end up coming back (perhaps he’s more employable than me?). So there are some adjustments to be made. For one thing, my parents and I had to sit down and lay out some new ground rules for cohabitation. It’s funny, I somehow knew they’d listed be in order of priority. Turns out I was right: first thing my dad says when we sit down is, “Now, you can drink my beer if you want to, but you have to ask first.” At which point my mom gave him an exasperated look and smacked his arm: “William!” So thanks for that one, Dad, hahahaha!

The other rules were as follows:

  1. If you are going out somewhere, you still have to say where you are going and when you plan to be back.
  2. If you get back late, don’t wake us up.

I was actually fairly surprised at how painless it was. Considering that when I came home for Christmas, they imposed a 10 o’clock curfew for Friday nights? We’re doing pretty great. I went out on the night of my birthday, came home an hour earlier than I said I would, and didn’t even wake them. So all in all, I think I’ve been good.

The only issue I still have is that when I am home and want to talk to my friends in Toronto on MSN, my parents insist on turning off the modem at, like, 11, so I can’t really talk to them for very long. This sucks BIG time, but I can’t seem to convince them that leaving it on for a few more hours won’t harm the environment, and it won’t damage the computer or our connection. I don’t really understand what their issue is.

But that aside, living in Ottawa for the summer might not be as bad as I thought it would be. So thanks, mom and dad, for being pretty chill parents after all.

In other news, I am now searching for a job in Ottawa. I got turned down for my top choice, which was a job at a tailoring place up at the mall, which would have been great for me as a costume designer, but no matter. It was a long shot anyways.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the other places I applied, and hopefully I will soon! I’ll keep you guys posted! Have a great summer (or spring, I guess) everyone! <3

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