How Life Would Be More Productive If We All Had Pixelated Fairies

“HEY LISTEN!” Any gamer will recognize this iconic line from one of the greatest video games (soon to be re-released in 3D) ever! (For those of you who don’t, I suggest you go here for a little taste: Now imagine that high-pitched exclamation happening over and over and over again until it drives you to want to kill cute pixelated fairies. This is the same hate-hate relationship I have with my alarm clock. The only difference? I can turn my alarm clock off—and boy, is it ever tempting to do that.

A lot of you are probably like me in the sense that, now that you’re on break, you just keep on pressing the snooze button or readjusting the alarm for “just one more hour.” Fair enough. It’s been a long school year and sleep was probably a rare commodity. Just don’t allow sleep to take over your life! Following my first semester and my return home, a great deal of my time while unemployed was spent sleeping in until noon or later.

After a few weeks (yes, weeks) I really started to feel terrible about how I was using my time. All my friends were in class, so most social things were out of the question until late in the evening. Video games were hardly a productive alternative. I needed a break from music. (Just so you know, Music and I have since mended our relationship and we are back on extremely good terms.) What else was there to do?

The answers to this question, at least for me, were reading and working out. Quite the combination, no? I dusted off my library card and took out book after book. Some I would stop reading after a few chapters (I’m judgmental like that), and others I would read in one sitting. After reading so much for classes you’re probably sick of books, but when was the last time you read just for the sake of it? At least, for those of you that enjoyed reading before university…

Working out was something entirely alien to me. Most of the heavy lifting I had done previous to my semester off involved multiple saxophones (I can carry four at once) or large quantities of pizza. I had coasted through life without breaking a sweat (give or take gym class or a particularly hot summer day) and that was about to change. Now, thanks to my lack of employment and lack of funds to buy junk food, I’m in what I consider to be the best shape of my life.

Now, back to fairies—I mean, that’s the whole point of this post, right? What I’m getting at is that I might not have wasted that first month of my “break” by sleeping in if I’d had someone nagging at me persistently to do something productive. I had to become my own motivator before I actually achieved anything. So I’m here to save you from that first month. Essentially I am here to shout “HEY LISTEN!” at you to get you moving. Every time you feel like resetting that alarm from 1 to 2 p.m., just imagine that annoying little voice that you cannot turn off and then use it as the motivation to get out of bed do something. Anything!

Anyway, it’s way too nice to be inside all morning. I’m going to go walk the dog. Oh snap! More productivity!

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