How to Use Pinterest as a Job Search Tool

Pinterest, the latest social media site to hit the “internet popularity charts,” might seem like just a website where you can “pin” pretty pictures of recipes, clothes and DIY projects you’ve found online. But, if used carefully, Pinterest can be an effective job search tool too, just like Facebook and the ever-popular LinkedIn. Employers like the UK’s Work Club are blatantly advertising job openings on their Pinterest pages to recruit young and fresh talent (like you!). However, you can also use Pinterest to promote your skills and lead employers right to you. Below are some tips on getting started.

Step One: Create a “board.”

One of the easiest ways to market yourself is to create a Pinterest board that features several folders that identify who you are, what you do and what skills you have to offer. One pin should definitely feature your resumé. Because pins are categorized using specific key words, make sure you title your resumé pin appropriately so that employers can scout you easily. For example, don’t name your pin “My resumé”—hundreds of pins pop up for this very broad search term. If you refine your pin to say specifically what kind of resumé you have, such as “Web Developer resumé,” you’ll increase the chances of the right person finding you. If your resumé is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, you also increase the chances of it being “repinned,” which means you’ll reach a broader audience.

It’s also a good idea to include pins of your work samples, if you have any. Other neat options for pins include photos of your post-secondary school, past employers, volunteer organizations you’ve worked for and even your hobbies. Creating a board that shows you’re a three-dimensional person can really increase your chances of employment.

Step Two: Follow industry leaders

Another smart way to use Pinterest is to follow companies and organizations you aspire to work for—this way, you gain valuable insights about them that could help with a cover letter or job interview. You might even get an inside scoop about new job openings. You can also follow career experts; they can provide additional tips on how to go about job searches, and what to say vs. what not to say during interviews. Follow industry leaders in your field as well, because they can help you stay current with trends and news.

Step Three: Link to your Pinterest page

Just because you’ve created a Pinterest board doesn’t mean you should end your job hunt the traditional way—both in person and online. However, you can use your new Pinterest board as a supplemental attachment when sending out inquiry emails: simply include a link to your Pinterest page under your email signature. Also, remember to include a link to your Pinterest page on other social media outlets, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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