Introducing Some New Faces to our Blog!

Welcome back to another Monday! Bleh. I know. Just be thankful it’s not exam season – yet.

As you may or may not know, my name is Andrea Migchelsen and I’ve been writing this blog for about 5 months now. I’m very excited to let you in on the inside scoop that we will be having 3 new bloggers posting with us on a weekly basis.

That means we’ll have 4 new blogs every week!

To help you to get to know them, this week we will be posting the bios for each of our new bloggers:

  • Fraser Tripp, 1st year at Humber College in Toronto, Bachelor of Contemporary Music;
  • Liz Davies, 1st year at Ryerson University in Toronto, Bachelor of Arts in Performance Production; and
  • Stacie Ritchie, BA in Political Science & Pre-Law, Lakehead University and a Diploma in journalism-print, Conestoga College.

In case you are new to this blog, I’ll let you know a little bit more about me. I graduated from the University of Ottawa with Bachelor of Commerce, option in Marketing with Honours back in 2009. I graduated right into the worst part of the recession with the worst degree to have in a recession. I spent a full year living in a post-graduation limbo.

I’ll be honest; it was 4 weeks of “Holy FLIP! I’m actually DONE school!” followed by about 11 months of “Ok, enough of this crud! Get me a job” depression, though I did use much more ‘colourful’ language.

I applied to any and every job. I used every single resource I had. I’ve navigated many career websites so I am able to tell the difference between real advice and BS. After all that, I still couldn’t find myself a job. Luckily, my dad met a partner at Ottawa’s largest Advertising Agency and got me an interview.

I got to use my new interview skills, from practicing through what felt like bajillions of interviews, and knocked his socks off! All I asked for was to work at a desk in the office.

“That’s very strategic of you,” said my new boss.

I had no idea just how smart that move was. I finished my contract where I wrote 2 reports, and because I was here in the office all day, I was tossed plenty of small things which took up my time. I worked my way up (though only about 1 cm up) and I finally got offered a full-time position a few weeks ago!

It’s been a long rough patch but I have learned so much and I have been passing that knowledge (both career and university knowledge) on to you through my blogs.

Of course, this is my first actual professional job so there are so many things I have yet to learn. Ugh, did I not just finish school?

In this blog you have also seen guest writers pop in occasionally. Sometimes you send questions to me at that I may not know about, so I ask somebody with more knowledge on the subject to post for me.

We’re looking for some more bloggers from the East and West coast and of course from the Prairies! If you’d like to be a blogger or even a guest blogger, email me at the address above.

If you have a topic you would like one of us to post on, post a comment below any of our blogs!

I hope you enjoy all of our new writers!

. I finish my contract where I wrote to reports, and because I was there all day, I was tossed plenty of small things which took up my time. I worked my way up (though only about 1 cm up) and I finally got offered my full-time position a few weeks ago!

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