I’ve Built a Time Machine

I’ve discovered the secret to a summer of efficiency. It’s so simple, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner: time travel.

I stumbled upon this discovery during my trip to England to visit my aunt and uncle—a 10-day trip exploring London, the surrounding countryside and my roots on my father’s side in Cornwall.

Having never been on a flight longer than an hour or so, I had never experienced jet lag. With the five-hour time difference, it took a little while to adjust after crossing the pond. Fortunately, being a university student I’m used to erratic sleep patterns and didn’t find it too shocking to bounce back.

Pretty soon I was functioning five hours into the future of my life back in Ottawa. Along with days full of sightseeing, shopping, eating four-star meals (drenched in custard—the British love custard) and traveling along one-lane roads that could freak out anyone (because a game of chicken ensues whenever you encounter another car), I was forming a habit of getting up at a reasonable hour. The horror.

What may be the ultimate key to my success in turning myself into a permanent morning person may be the fact that my flight home was in the afternoon. Flying out of Heathrow at 3:15 and then arriving in Ottawa at 5:50 meant that I had regained the five hours while still maintaining my new habit of living in the future.

OK, so maybe this is extremely wishful thinking and definitely not possible for everyone to do, but maybe one day I will find myself getting up earlier than 11 a.m. most of the time. It takes approximately 21 days for the average person to form a habit, and while I haven’t been successful at using my motivational hypnosis tracks for that long yet (and now I sound ridiculous), I think I might be able to get this sleep thing to work.

I think the real key in how I’ve felt like I’ve accomplished more the past few days is the fact that, on days I am not working, I’ve been doing my best to fill my days with activities other than my old summer pastimes of television and sleep.

The unfortunate thing is that while I want to be the most efficient 20-year-old possible this summer, I also have to take into account that I am in fact 20 and it is summer vacation. Parties will happen and I’ll probably revert back to sleeping until noon, but I guess that’s not such a big deal if I’ve survived up until this point.

One last thing: it’s good to be back.

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