Just Say “No”

Are you feeling stressed? About to snap under the weight of school? Work? Your social life?

Have no fear. It happens to everyone every once in a while. Unfortunately, as nice as it may sound to just “Keep Calm and Carry On,” or any variation of the saying, the pressure won’t always disappear with a calming breath.

This is my first winter mid-term season and it is definitely taking its toll on me. My usual procrastinatory lifestyle just isn’t cutting it—and that’s something I’ve been working on. Now a month back into school, things are beginning to pile up, and my go-get-’em overachieving half isn’t complimenting my previously discussed way of coping with work.

Over the past few weeks I have slowly started discovering the power of Just Saying No. For some people this is an easy task. I, however, have the hardest time with saying no due to the fear of letting someone down. Most of the time I can handle the many tasks I take on, but sometimes I just collapse under the weight.

In these rare cases, however, there’s actually a greater chance for disappointment than had I just said no in the first place. While it might be inconvenient for the other party, I can often save them a headache by just being honest and letting them know I just don’t have the time to help them out.

While you may feel selfish turning someone down when they ask you to take their shift at work, run an errand for them, take on some extra responsibility for a club or society, you’ll actually be doing the mature thing by realizing that you cannot overextend yourself.

The first step to saying no is to prioritize. School and work commitments should come first. If you have a number of assignments due and/or a number of shifts at work, then it might not be a good idea to commit yourself to organizing an event for that club you’re part of. You know, the one about the stuff and things. Yeah, that one.

While you might feel like a nuisance by turning down a request, you really don’t have to. You’re an intelligent person and the chances are you can suggest a suitable alternative for the task, or someone else who can help.

I’m going to keep this post short for this week because I have a paper that I am slowly falling behind on. Luckily, I realize this and will hopefully be able to follow my above advice. However, in the meantime I am sure to be Tweeting my countless frustrations, so feel free to follow along.

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