Keeping it Clean

Ever notice how, when you’re a kid, your room could never stay clean? Or at least, clean to the standard of one’s caretakers, anyway. Yes, every kid in the history of “ever” has probably gotten the “Clean your room or you can’t  play/have dessert/some other horrific threat” speech. And yes, I know that’s hyperbole, but the point is still valid. Most of us just had, in our minds, more important things to be doing than throwing our toys into the box for the eight millionth time. We were just going to play with them again anyways.

But now we’re in university, and most of us have moved out of those messy childhood rooms (for old time’s sake, I left a mess for my mom to clean up in mine before I left. You’re welcome, mom). Now we must undertake the daunting task of basically running our own mini household. There’s vacuuming, dusting, laundry, dishes to wash, meals to cook and a million other things.

Luckily for me, I’m in residence with no kitchen and a meal plan, so the amount of house work I have to do at the moment is limited. But I am a procrastinator, and so I have let the little things pile up and now my room is a HIDEOUS MESS. There is laundry everywhere, papers, boxes and more green tea bottles than I would care to admit (My name is Liz Davies and I am a tea-holic). Also, I swear, I think some of my socks have become sentient life forms. I should not be living in such preventable squalor.

And so, I have undergone an oath (to myself) that tonight I WILL clean up this disgusting mess. I will recycle my tea bottles (all 17 of them), put away my laundry and organize my papers.

Also – I should really get more adhesive pads for my posters. We’re not allowed to use tape on the residence walls, so we have to use these pathetic adhesive foam pads to hang things up. Mine were fine until I got home from Thanksgiving and found all my posters on the floor.

Really, this mess wouldn’t be such a big deal, and probably wouldn’t be taking up such a massive chunk of my time if I’d just put things away when I’d finished using them. But It’s a lesson I never learned as a kid, and I’d be a liar if I told you I’ll never let my room get this way again, so I won’t. Sometimes you feel rushed, and so it’s just easier to throw your books on the couch rather than take the time to put them away carefully. And the recycling bin is all the way down the hall, where you never go because the elevator is the other way, so it seems like something that can wait. And that’s fine, most of the time. The only advice I’ll give to you, or your roommate, or whoever the mess maker in your household is this:

Just make sure you clean it up before it becomes a health hazard. 😉 Hazmat suits are expensive.

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