Kind of Freaking Out, Here…

So, I’ve been having another battle with insomnia the last few days, and my melatonin has not been helping. I’ve been a bit nervous using it, since I don’t want to sleep in and miss a class. So I finally managed to finish my homework early enough that I thought I would be fine to take some melatonin and get a good night’s sleep yesterday. And I did just that – it was a glorious sleep, and even though I woke up for a bit at about 5:30am, I finally awoke this morning, feeling refreshed and relaxed. I was so ready for my 9am midterm exam.

Except it was not 8am, the time for which I had set my THREE ALARMS.

It was 1pm, exactly. 1pm.

I had slept through my midterm.

Pardon my language, but OH MY GOD.

I am not proud to say it, dear readers, but I freaked out. I freaked out bad. Which is only natural when you throw your life down the toilet in exchange for a good night’s sleep.

After the initial panic, I started trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. A number of options came to mind, such as fleeing the country, changing my name and spending the rest of my life as a goat herder in the Appalachian mountains, but that one seemed a bit far-fetched. So I came up with this one: email my professor and ask if it is at all possible to make up the test.

I explained my medical problem – chronic insomnia – as well as I could, told her if she’d like, I could supply a doctor’s note, and politely -if a bit desperately – asked her if I could take the midterm still.

She has yet to reply, and there’s a good chance she never will, according to one of my classmates who went through the same thing with a small quiz earlier this semester. So I am trying my best to not panic and go into a fit of screaming. It’s a losing battle.

The important thing to take from this, dear readers, is this: DON’T SLEEP THROUGH YOUR MIDTERMS. IT’S A REALLY, REALLY BAD IDEA.

And, if that tip fails, and you do sleep through a midterm… Try to remain calm. You will panic – I guarantee it, but DON’T do anything rash. Remain calm. Take deep, deep, cleansing breaths and slow yourself down. Do NOT do anything rash. Take some more deep breaths. Email your professor, and explain what happened as POLITELY and APOLOGETICALLY as possible. Do not beg or whine – they do NOT like that. Be polite, above all and ask nicely if you can take the quiz at another time. Then sit back, pray, and wait for a reply.

When/if I get a reply from my prof, I’ll let you guys know how to proceed.

Otherwise, just REMAIN CALM.

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