Laptops in Class

If you’ve ever had a class in a large lecture hall, you’ve probably noticed that many students use their laptops in class. While there are certainly students who use their laptops simply for taking notes, that’s not who I’m addressing in this blog.

It seems like many students bring their laptops to class only to waste their time with recreational stuff that has nothing to do with school. They surf the web, online casino play games, and even watch movies and TV shows throughout the lecture. If these students want to waste time in class, that’s their choice. However, I think they should take a minute to reflect on how their activities affect their classmates. It’s very hard to pay attention to the lecturer when scenes from the latest Hollywood blockbuster are flashing on the laptop in front of you!

I understand why some students bring laptops to class; I’ll admit that I even did it a few times in my first year. These students come to class for important announcements or for attendance. However, they’re either uninterested in the course material or don’t have the self-discipline to pay attention and take notes. Instead, they take advantage of the school’s Wi-Fi to indulge nbso online casino reviews in the delightful distractions the Internet has to offer: creeping people on Facebook, watching an episode of Family Guy, or playing the latest Call of Duty makes them feel right at home.

However, this begs the question of what they’re accomplishing (other than being marked present) when they can do these things at home in their spare time. Facebook will still be there when class is over, and a new Call of Duty game will be churned out every year regardless of what level you reach in Black Ops II.

If students want bring their laptops to class with the intention of turning lecture time into leisure time, it would be considerate of them to at least sit at the back of the lecture hall. This way they won’t be distracting the students who came to learn, which will allow them to pay attention instead of using their mental energy to block out computer screens.

Also, when it comes to distraction potential, there’s a huge difference between a plain text web article and an action-packed anime extravaganza. If you decide to bring a laptop to class for a little entertainment, try to avoid watching or playing anything that could draw the attention of anyone sitting within 20 feet of you.

One final word of advice: turn your screen’s brightness down! If your laptop screen is brighter than the projection screen at the front of the lecture hall, it will almost certainly annoy and distract the classmates sitting behind you.

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