Last, But Never Least, Fraser Tripp: How Could I Not Hire Somebody Who Blogs About Zombies?


My name is Fraser Tripp. I am in my first year at Humber College in Toronto where I am working on my Bachelor of Contemporary Music.

I play the alto and tenor saxophone and I am currently learning both the flute and clarinet as part of my degree. While most of the music I play is jazz, I also study rock, RnB, fusion and many other styles. I completed my secondary education at Canterbury High School in Ottawa where I was part of the Arts Music Program.

When I am not practicing or in class I listen to a great deal of music ranging from classical to electric music and everything in between. I use a great deal of my time to explore the city of Toronto and all that it has to offer to a student including restaurants, thrift/vintage stores, and live music. I also go to the higher end stores – but only to look at what I know I cannot afford. Because I am not living in downtown Toronto, a large chunk of that time is set aside to get lost there and discover new places that I might never have thought of while I figure out new transit routes.

I am connected to the World Wide Web 24/7 whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, DailyBooth or, last but certainly not least, YouTube. Along with my school work I also vlog (video blog) on a (somewhat) regular basis and have gained a small following on both YouTube and Twitter.

Out of 8 classes, I am only taking one class that does not deal with music. Instead, the class focuses on academic writing about pop culture and in this class I will be writing another blog about the role of zombies in popular culture. This class also allows me to analyze Starbucks, one of my many obsessions – any homework involving coffee is alright with me.

I am the middle child of 3; however, I am the first to leave home. This blogging opportunity will hopefully allow me to help first year, and maybe even later year students, navigate the waters of post-secondary education through my own mistakes. Following my four years at college there is no set path. Instead, I hope to see where my experiences here will lead me.

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