I’m pretty easygoing, I have to say, especially as a classmate. I don’t mind it if people are talking in class, and I went through and entire exam with the girl sitting next to me sneezing an sniffing every twenty seconds or so, and I didn’t freak out. Some people in my class can’t even stand seeing people on their laptops in class, which is a bit strange, but whatever. It never bugged me. But there is one thing I cannot stand, and it is when people show up late to class.

I don’t mean the people who every once in a while get caught in traffic and show up a few minutes late. It doesn’t even bug me when they show up an hour late. What bugs me are the people who show up late to EVERY SINGLE CLASS.

This one guy in my program, I have NEVER seen him on time for a single class, and I only have one class that he is not in. And here’s the kicker – he only lives a two minute-walk from the school. What the hell is so wrong with his time management skills that he is not able to leave his apartment ten minutes earlier? Sometimes he’s only ten minutes late, other times he walks in halfway through the class. It’s ridiculous, and completely disturbs everybody else in the class.

Another thing I hate is when someone who shows up late often tries to make excuses. This other frequent latecomer to my classes showed up an hour late one day, making excuses about feeling ill and whining to the teacher like this was high school or something. He even POUTED. I kid you not. This guy – this adult man – stuck out his lips, made a sad face and POUTED, RIGHT IN THE FACE OF MY BRILLIANT LIGHTING PROFESSOR. I have never been so disgusted in my life. It was absolutely pathetic.

So yes, sorry to sound a bit grouchy, but that drives me insane. So here is a tip for successful classroom co-habitation: I know sometimes being late is unavoidable – and I have been late on many an occasion as well – but please, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t make it a regular habit, and PLEASE don’t try to make lame excuses about not feeling well or being stuck behind a freaking parade in traffic or something. This is university, not high school. The people you work with, including your teacher, are people from your industry who you will one day work with or for. A certain level of professionalism goes a long way.

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