Losing Motivation? You’re Not Alone!

It’s been a while! I’ve had two stat holiday Mondays in a row. I love vacation but it really throws off your body clock. After waking up at 9-11am 4 days in a row, a 6:30am wake up is not so pleasant.

Despite being groggy my first few days back, I was really productive and felt fresh starting back again and getting into my routine. Every morning I listen to my favourite morning show on the radio because I love the discussions they have. They brought up this new statistic which really struck me:

In 2011, 84% of workers want to find new jobs. That’s up 60% from the previous year!

Only 5% of employees want to stay in the current position.

I took a minute to reflect this. What on Earth is going on? What has gotten so bad in the work world that is making us drop like flies? They had a couple of reasons listed in the article I found. It’s mostly “dissatisfaction” and “discontent” rather than projects. Another huge factor has been because of the economy over the last few years, employees have lost trust in their employers. Could you ever work for somebody you don’t trust? Not knowing whether you were secure in your job?

With the job market picking up and new opportunities opening, employees will just be flying out the door!

So I thought to myself: “Am I one of these people?”

My good friend Amanda and I hung out a few days ago with a nice glass of wine to catch up. We started talking about work. She finally said something I am usually afraid to say out loud to one of my well respected peers:

“I’m losing all motivation. What’s going on?”

Amanda and I were very similar is school. We were go-getters. Respected among classmates and professors, and we were A students. Now, here we are finally living the dream we thought wouldn’t come. We’re working in our field of study and yet, I’m no longer that go-getter (borderline brown-noser). What the heck is wrong with me?

To me, losing motivation is the beginning of a nosedive; you’ll slowly start to notice the quality of your work begin to dip. Instead of pushing yourself ahead and getting noticed with quality work, you start to submit average work and just end up getting lumped in with everybody else. This was always my nightmare in university.

I knew I was headed for a bad place when I started of thinking of moving to the government. I always swore I’d never work there. Bland boring cubicles. Paper work day in, day out. Great pay, sure, but all I hear is about my friends doing nothing at work and they can’t get fired because of the union.

I just have to keep thinking push! Push! Push! Get through this! Motivate yourself, dammit!!

There are a few things I keep running through my mind as motivators. One idea I began to implement this week. Sirota Survey Intelligence did a survey and found that busy employees are happy employees (sooo…are government employees happy?). This week I picked up 2 more projects and decided to help out one of my fabulous coworkers on a project of hers too.

My next big motivator is my future. I have an end objective and I need to make a path for myself to get there. I can’t jump from novice to expert in 1 year. I realize that there will be tough times and I need to forge through them. I just see this as a minor obstacle I need to overcome.

Another great tip for some fast motivation is competition. I am a damn competitive person! In fact, I swore at and flipped-off my boyfriend’s dad during a board game (mind you we had been having some nice wine). I work well when I need to be better at something or achieve a certain level. In school I had to have the #1 presentation and I strived for As. In the work world you don’t really have that. This sounds slightly awful to say, but, your coworkers are now your new competition.

Want to get the boss’s attention? You have to fight for it with all of your coworkers. Keep that in mind whenever you submit something. Oh, and always put your name on it so he knows exactly who it came from!

I know this New Year will take me to some amazing places and I know I’ll be up for the challenge. Bring it on 2011!!

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