A Healthy Start: Effects on your Work, Health and Personal Relationships

So last week I made a commitment to my friend that I’d be more active. I’ll be honest, my friends have been begging me to get out in the snow more. I absolutely detest, despise, loathe and overall just hate the cold. I like it hot. Throw me in a beach in 35⁰C weather and I am a happy camper. With sunscreen because I burn like a tomato!

I’m sure that like me, 99% of your friends snowboard. The only thing is that I don’t. I went skiing once in grade 7 with the school and had a horrible experience and vowed never to go back. It’s really hard hearing all your friends are going out snowboarding and you can’t. They’ll nag you that you have to learn but when you say “OK, teach me!” they all back off. “Oh, I don’t have the patience. I can’t. Sorry”.

Well Frik! You’re stuck alone and inside by yourself again. I don’t think my friends understand how hard it is not being a snowboarder when they all snowboard.

So as I said, I sat down with my friend and we made a huge plan for the week. First off, I got the Free 1 week trial at a gym.

Woah. A gym. I’ve only been in the gym once in during university because it was free (word to the wise: always use your free gym pass when you’re away at school).

On top of the gym, we agreed that he’d teach me to snowboard. Double woah. Icing on the cake: we’d enjoy one of the many privileges of living in Ottawa, and we’d go skate on the canal (followed by homemade Beavertails. Jealous Much?)

So let’s start with my trip to the gym.  I forced my friend to go early on a Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t be mocked by the gym rats and juice heads. By early, I mean 8:30am on a Saturday. It was pretty good! I learned how to use 3 machines and did some cardio.

To sum up my 1 week adventure to the gym, we went 6 out of the 7 days. On weekdays we woke up before 5:30 am and left the gym for work around 8-ish.

Best thing about going to the gym in the morning is that it was all the retired people just trying to keep fit. No showing off. No excessive grunting. No Pauly D style Blow-Outs with Oompa Loompa tans – actually there was 1 but I couldn’t stop laughing at him long enough to care what he thought.

Another great thing about morning workouts is that they got me so incredibly energized for the full day. You really need to go to bed early though! Towards the end of the week I started to hit the “3pm wall” incredibly hard. It slowly became the 1pm wall and on Friday it was the 8am wall.

On top of all that, you can start your stories at work with “This morning at the gym…” and sound SUPER cool…NOT. Though I may be guilty of saying that a few too many times.

It was really great having somebody to show me the ropes, what machines to use, how to use them and to cheer you on. Also great to have a teammate to get you out of bed at 5am…even if you are the one doing the waking-up (I recommend tickling as the best “GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED” trick).

So the next adventure was snowboarding. My super smart amigo is super smart. Rather than wasting $30-$40 to fall on my tush all the way down a hill several times, he took me to a local tobogganing hill. Don’t worry; I went on the opposite side the kids were tobogganing down.

Now I know what your thinking: first time at the gym + first time snowboarding = HOLY MOTHER OF PAIN! Boarding is notorious for making your legs, abs and buns hurt. Luckily my friend ran down the hill next to me and would help me up to avoid the 2 scoops of Pain Sundae (double funny because it was on a Sunday) with an ouch-cherry on top.

Oddly enough, my legs never hurt. Only my abs hurt which was the absolute worst. My coworkers are WAY too hilarious so I kept laughing then OW! And laughing then OW!

The most pain came from the activity I do the most frequently: skating! I bruise like a little peach so I fell once and managed to get a bruise the size of my palm on my knee, a matching one on my hip, and a nasty one on my thigh. Homemade beavertails were soooo worth it!

In the end my friend and I made some really great memories and became a lot closer since I shared in his activities and had a really fun time doing them. Now comes the fun part! In return, he has to enter my territory: Girly Crafts! Muahaha!

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