Sticking Up For Yourself and Kickin’ Some…

It’s a big week for me! I have been helping to organize another event for a client. I have a love-hate relationship with event management. I love the excitement and planning that goes into an event and that you get one big final payoff watching your event unfold. At the same time is so stressful the whole event. Will this go well? Is there enough food? Will everybody show up? During the event I can never relax and enjoy it. Reminds me of throwing house parties but you don’t get to chill or drink because you’re watching your parents’ china and throw pillows

All of this stress is enough to drive a person mad! But in the end I still love it! I’m a pretty good schmoozer and a killer raffle ticket salesperson.

Slowly, I’m being given more project management duties. It can be pretty stressful but also pretty fun. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a pretty big extrovert so I can talk to a client all day, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty and having to tell a client “No”, I can be a big pushover.

Maybe you’re like me and you have this innate need to be liked by everybody. You hate being pushy and mean even though you know you need to. You’ll do anything to avoid it, like giving it to another person to deal with or you just give in to their demands.

Another reason I tend to be a pushover is because people really don’t take me seriously as both a young adult and a female. Despite it being the 21st century, there are still some prejudices out there. Let me give you a quick example. A package got delivered here to the wrong address. I called the person who was supposed to receive it , and he said he had no idea what it was. I was to leave it on the front desk for him to pick up. Perfect! Done!

He was 3 days late coming to pick it up, and somebody in the office took it and misplaced it. Friday he called me saying he’s on his way. Here I have a man on the phone wondering where his package is, and I have to tell him it’s misplaced. Despite my kind gesture of calling him about his package in the first place rather than returning it to the sender, this man YELLS at me. I said I’d look again and call him back. I had a male manager call him and all of a sudden the guy was a meek little mouse. Unbelievably frustrating.

One day I was reflecting on successful business people. Have you always noticed the most successful people are total A-Holes? They know what they want, they get it and they don’t take excuses! That’s how they get on top. People hate them, sure, but those are the people that envy them.

I need to find moderation between the being nice and being tough. Yin and Yang. Can’t have one without the other

Take the supposed little miracle happening last week. I was working on the budget for my event and I was $200 over. It’s only $200! Meh. Send it off beaming with excitement that I have this GORGEOUS setup for the event and just a tad over budget.

Client gets back to me. New budget. Okay, they now want more people which is cool… but for $6000 less than the budget I proposed. More for less. Right. This isn’t economies of scale, people!!

I talk to my events person and we got it down, but not to where they wanted.

Here it comes, I have to do the dreaded call to lay down the law. Your budget isn’t going to work.

Okay. I can do this. Get pumped up and just call her – c’mon just call her. ANDREA! Dial the damn number!

In summary, ladies and gents, I did it! On top of that, there was absolutely no argument. I was honest with my client and I broke down all the details and their partner approved.

I totally went down to the creative floor and did some sweet 90’s dance moves; cabbage patch kid, raise the roof and even some running man.

Sometimes you gotta stick to your guns and sometimes you gotta compromise. Pick your battles…or know who to ask for help.

Speaking of battles, I’ve got a proposal I need to get to help on to get it out the door! Wonder Woman AWAY!!!

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