Reading Week

Alrighty! So, most of us (I know at least Ryerson University and University of Ottawa students) are on reading week! A break which is right in the middle of the semester, and by golly do we all need it. REALLY BADLY. Students at UOttawa also get a break during the first semester, but most of us are not so fortunate, and so this break is one that is sometimes DESPERATELY needed.

I myself was fairly ill up until the break – I’d caught this weird head-cold that has been travelling around the theatre school for the past couple of weeks, and it was unpleasant, and frighteningly persistent. In fact, the only thing that finally rid me of it was falling asleep on Friday night and not waking up again until Sunday afternoon. THAT was some much-needed rest, let me tell you. That being said, I do kind of regret wasting that Saturday in bed – there is a lot of stuff I could have gotten done.

Many people go home for the reading week – it’s a good chance to visit family and have a little mini-vacation. Others go on actual vacation and fly somewhere exotic. I, however, have opted to stay in Toronto, in the hopes that I will get something constructive done. It is a feeble hope, but a hope nonetheless. I’ll be going to the gym this week, working on my new fitness program that my trainer worked out for me, attempting to tackle a large group project that is due after the break, and finally I will be handing out more resumes in my seemingly never-ending quest to find summer employment in Toronto.

Sounds pretty productive, huh? Well, let me tell you what I’ve done so far: I slept. A lot. I did some drawings. And I wrote this blog post.

I have never been so disappointed in my own willpower before.

I’m just kidding, guys. I have been lazing about the last few days, but dangit, I EARNED this time in bed. As much as it is important to use reading week effectively for things like studying, catching up on missed assignments and getting things done, it is equally important to get some rest. We’re not going to get many opportunities after this, since most of us will be working full-time over the summer break and straight into the next semester. So why not kick back for a few days? You deserve to lay around in your pyjamas for a couple of days. Why should you have to change into clothes just to go downstairs and get food? Everyone else there is in their pjs too! (Please ignore the fact that I’m totally trying to justify my own laziness here. My point is still valid.)

After I finish writing this, I am going to fix up my resume again, get up of my lazy butt and go down to the gym. Tomorrow. Tuesdays are my days off on the training schedule. Yeah… And then I’ll go hand out more resumes!

I swear, I will be productive this week if it’s the last thing I do.

Which it might be.

Those workouts are HARD.

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