Savouring Mom’s Home Cooking*

The great thing about going home for the holidays is, obviously, to see your family and spend time with them. But, the second great thing about going home for the holidays (well, at least in my opinion), is you get to enjoy your mom’s home cooking once again.

There’s nothing like mom’s home cooking.

Yeah, sure you go out to restaurants sometimes and you eat really good food. But, nothing ever quite compares to the way mom makes it.

Maybe it’s the way she roasts the potatoes. Maybe it’s that special little ingredient which she puts in the stuffing or the turnips. Or maybe, it’s just the simple fact that it was cooked by your mom and the feeling is like what Dorothy feels and says in the movie The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home,” only in this case the words come out as there’s no food like home cooking.

So, after you have spent a few weeks at home enjoying mom’s food, what do you do when you have to go back to school? How do you savor your mom’s home cooking when you go back?

I guess one obvious way to bring your mom’s cooking back with you to campus is to wrap some of it up and pack it in your suitcase. That sounds kind of weird though, right?  Personally, I have never done it (my mom usually sent me monthly packages with some home baked goods that she made while I was away at school, and sometimes she still does since I moved to Ottawa). But, I guess if you really love and miss your mom’s cooking that much, you’ll find any way to bring it with you wherever you go.

You could always get your mom’s recipes from her. Whether you’d be successful in replicating them is another story.  Or when home, pay attention to what she does and how she makes it. That way, when you return to school, you’ll know how to cook the dinner/dessert yourself to enjoy it.

So, while you’re home this holiday season relaxing and visiting with family and friends, savour every last bit of your mom’s home cooking while you can because you won’t be having it for awhile. Unless of course you plan to stow some away in your suitcase to take back to school with you. Have a happy New Year everybody!

*And if your mom’s not the greatest cook in the world, there’s always dad, a roomate or you can always to take-out.

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