The Last Two Weeks

Looks like it’s finally that time of the year. For the first time this summer, I lost track of the days of the week (aka a poor excuse for missing my blog last week). And now that I’ve checked my calendar, I see that there are less than two weeks until September—meaning a very short amount of time for me to get my act together for school.

These last two weeks can make or break the first month of classes for many a student, so now is the time to prepare. If you aren’t working a 9-to-5, 5-day-a-week job, then you may, like me, have a very close relationship with the snooze button on your days off (or days with afternoon shifts). Most of the time, I am thankful for the snooze button. On my good days, I can pull myself out of bed before 10 or 11. On days where this is not the case, and I instead hit the snooze until 1 or 2, I feel like I’ve wasted precious summer time.

There are a few ways to end your love affair with the snooze button, the first being location. Avoid using the alarm on your phone. It may produce an annoying sound, yes, but it’s too easy to just hit snooze when your phone is so easy to reach. Instead, set up an actual, blaring alarm clock across the room (no remote controls!). By forcing yourself to get up, you might have a fighting chance of staying up. The next thing to try would be going to bed at a decent hour. Sure, we all want to party the last two weeks of our summer away, but there will also be time to party come September (just don’t party too hard). Set strict rules for yourself, like going to bed before 3 in the morning and waking up before 1 p.m. Sounds reasonable, right? Well… if you’re like me, this could be easier said than done.

In getting my act together for the beginning of the school year, I will also consider the condition of my current living space. Not my entire house, just my bedroom. This is where I’ll be doing the majority of my work at home, and at the moment, it’s not exactly Zen. During the summer I can claim that the clutter everywhere creates a comforting, homey feeling. During the school year, when I can’t find my textbook among piles of clothing, this comfort quickly becomes less appealing.

I’m cleaning it now, Mom & Dad!

Essentially the next thing to do to get ready is create some semblance of organization in your physical surroundings. Round up those important documents (bills, university info, bank info, etc.) you may have received and just tossed on your desk. A good way to keep these together is with a few simple file folders and a clean desk drawer or shelf. Be sure that you have a workspace where you can actually work.

To give yourself full peace of mind that your first few weeks will go smoothly, create a list of the last few things that you’ll need to get sorted out before the semester starts. Go through old school supplies and see what you have and what you’re missing. Find out what books you need, if possible, and maybe scour Facebook groups for upper years selling used copies. Otherwise, see if you can get them at your school’s bookstore. Finally, you may want to figure out where your classes are actually located. This can be done before September if you live close to your school—otherwise make this a priority when you arrive.

Anyway, now that I’m conscious, it’s time to go be productive. The final string of summer movie blockbusters was released this past Friday; I had the pleasure of seeing the new Conan and I feel it would be doing a disservice not to write an extremely critical and sarcastic review of it. So, until next week, CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

To see if I actually write a review (or just go back to bed), follow me here!

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