The Perks Of Being A Student Traveler

So, if you have been wondering, there hasn’t really been any news in the way of that possible employment opportunity I spoke about in my last post. I am still extremely optimistic though.

Anyway, I have been taking advantage of the flexibility that comes with being unemployed and out of school by traveling back down to Toronto to visit the friends I made last semester as well as my fellow blogger and long time friend, Liz ( In her last blog (, Stacie mentioned travel as an option following your time in school and I thought I might use this week to talk about possible advantages involved in this venture.

(I am traveling by myself so most of this will be from the perspective of the solitary traveler, but there is always someway to take what I say in the group perspective as well.)

The Act: The first leg of a journey always involves getting somewhere new. In my case I have been taking the train. This portion of any trip can offer a lot of great opportunities for the student traveler. For example, there is the chance to meet other travelers, hear stories about where they’ve been or maybe discover somewhere you might want to go when you reach your destination. During my first trip on the train I took the opportunity to take in the scenery. Until I began taking the train between Ottawa and Toronto I never truly appreciated the Ontario landscape. I feel it has been greatly appreciated now after taking at least 10 minutes of video of it on my camera….For me this is also a great opportunity to reflect. The vast fields aren’t too distracting and the internet is iffy at best on the train so there aren’t too many distractions that you might otherwise experience.

The Arrival: For me this is one of the most exciting parts about traveling. Upon arrival at your destination the opportunities are boundless. There’s usually so much to see, people to visit, food to eat, shows to see, and the list goes on. It’s always a good idea to have an idea of what you are going to do when you arrive, but the allure of the unknown is always fun too. Don’t be too strict with your planning because things will happen to make them change anyway.

The Adventure: That’s what you are on. An adventure. This is the point where your journey can take you somewhere unexpected. You might discover something new that you love, you might meet new fascinating people or learn something new about yourself. You’re on a trip so don’t be afraid to indulge (just watch your budget). Go see shows, eat weird and new food. Go to a restaurant just for dessert. Then thank me later.

The Departure: This isn’t always a good thing. You might just want to stay where you are and never go back home. I know the feeling. At the same time you can always leave with the comfort of new memories, great stories and the knowledge that you can always go back someday. This part of your journey might also mean a new destination on your horizon and the process can begin all over again.

In my opinion it’s best not to over think traveling as a student. Sure it can be expensive, but there are means to reduce the stress on the bank. Travel should never be a negative thing because it can always open you up to new ideas. Even if you have been to where you are going before, it’s never the same trip twice.

Hopefully this will not be my last post about travel. I haven’t traveled very far and, in fact, have never left the continent, so I plan on making full use of my time out of school to see as much as I can. I also feel like it’s extremely appropriate that I should be going places as my last name is Tripp. It’s almost like I was destined to be a globetrotter.

P.S. Points to whoever gets the vague allusion used in the title.

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