The Return to Normal

As of yesterday, the majority of my Canadian cohort returned to university classes. I was fortunate enough to begin last Wednesday. Yes, fortunate.

It was an odd feeling actually returning for the second semester of lectures. Instead of 3 or 4 months of nothing but sleep and P90X like last year, I’ve been flung back into a solid routine and, as much as I’d like to say I hate it, so far it’s agreed with me.

My holidays were stressful, hardly the relaxing time they should have been. My freedom only began on December 21, after my Canadian History exam. The last exam time slot for my least favourite class—typical.

When I wasn’t studying (which, let’s face it, was more often that I should have been), I was at work. Apparently I wasn’t the only stressed-out person this holiday season, but at least my reason wasn’t last-minute shopping. A side note for those of you who have never worked retail during the holiday season: it is not my fault that you waited until two days before Christmas to buy an extremely popular item and, therefore, you should not be allowed to yell at me, the minimum wage employee.

Throw in my first-ever Boxing Day (both working and actually being near a retail area) and being at home more often than is healthy for my social life, and school became a much-needed break from the holidays.

These past few weeks reminded me a great deal of my time out of school last winter. I had absolutely no structure, little to no contact with my friends (all of whom were in class or otherwise busy), and even when I had a job, the only difference it made was that I had a little more spending money than usual. While total freedom sounds alright, it actually begins to drag. While a cure for this may have been a little bit more cowbell in my life, I found a renewed energy in returning to school.

Maybe I’m destined to become the professional student of my family. There’s one in each family on my Dad’s side. The idea of constantly learning new things sounds extremely appealing. Sure, the idea of endless papers and exams isn’t that glamorous, but I can pretty much guarantee that everyone can think of at least one course they wish they could take because it “looks interesting.” Don’t lie to me. I know you secretly love to learn.

So, as you return to your lectures this week, don’t go in with the attitude that school is a waste of time. Think about what you might be doing instead (*cough* Skyrim *cough*) and consider how you are instead benefitting from the thousands of dollars you (or your parents) pay each year so you can better understand how the world around you works. When you really consider everything you’ve been learning, then you might not mind so much about having to get up for that 8:30 lecture. Well, everything except for math (math has never been my friend).

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