The Thrill of the Hunt

Well… Maybe thrill isn’t the right word. Maybe permanent nausea. You see, my future roommate, Alex, and I have begun a more serious version of our previous “apartment search” efforts recently, and the results have been a little disheartening. The perfect apartment is out there for us… Somewhere…

We’ve added a new housemate to our group as well , a girl from Alex’s program who’s also looking for a new place. We quickly discovered that rent on a three person apartment is much cheaper than two room apartments. However, now we also must find a place that is pet-friendly, since she has a cat and a dog.

Miracles do happen though, and I somehow stumbled upon a place that is close by and meets all of our requirements: pet free for Tess, security patrolled for Alex/her parents and affordable for me. I attempted to call them with some questions today, but the woman who handles those things is apparently sick. I’ll be calling again tomorrow. Hopefully this place will work out.

In the meantime, however, I have a second conundrum on my hands. I want to stay in Toronto over the summer. REALLY badly. I love it here, and as much as I love my family, I am not ready to give up the level of independence I have here. And so I have begun looking for a place to stay for the summer, or a place to sublet or something. Alex is going to go home for the summer, and Tess still has her old apartment until August, and so neither of them can split rent on a place with me for the four month summer break.

After several harrowing hours of stalking Craigslist for sublet advertisements for downtown Toronto, I came to the final, grim conclusion that sublets come in two species: ludicrously expensive, or extremely sketchy. And on occasion, the two can interbreed. The point being I CAN’T FIND A PLACE TO LIVE!

I’ve got two options so far: if Tessa’s roommate moves out, I could move in with her, which would be awesome/affordable, OR I have a friend in my program who might go home for the summer in which case I could sublet her apartment from her, which would be AWESOME. But there are no guarantees. Her roommate and parents and landlord would all have to agree to it as well. So I’m not counting on it.

So yes. That is my current apartment search status: dangling in the vicious breeze of homelessness.

As inspiring as I know my words must be, I must assure you to fear not. I know we’ll find a place, and it’ll all work out in the end. It’s just scary to have so much uncertainty surrounding as important a thing as my future home, possibly even for the next three years. Maybe more. But it’s a fear I’ll have to live with for now. No amount of fussing is going to change it, so I might as well sit back and let all the pieces fall into place.

It’ll work out.

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