The Type of Writer I Want To Be

When I joined the Journalism 2015 group for Carleton on Facebook, I took the time to introduce myself to my new peers through a preset profile. The facts were very generic: hometown, first choice of program, residence and dream career. After filling out my profile, I began to read the ones that others had posted. Most were coming straight out of high school and would be living in residence. Pretty much everyone’s first choice of program was journalism. However, one of the large discrepancies between my profile and those of my peers was our choice of future career. The majority listed some form of hard-hitting reporting, whether in print or on television, while others listed sports writing/broadcasting as theirs. That left me: the blogger.

As someone who is becoming more and more active within the blogosphere with each passing week, I’m beginning to see more and more opportunity for myself within it. I may be going into journalism, but I see writing as a way for me to be a great one-way conversationalist. No restraints, no limits. Journalism will hopefully be a stepping stone for me into a world of pop culture writing. Unlike my fellow J-students, current affairs and politics hold very little interest for me. In fact, I was with some friends the other day while they discussed some heavy political topic, and all I could contribute was the fact that Amy Winehouse had died. Sad? Maybe a little, but a large part of having a fulfilling career should be the amount of enjoyment you get out of doing it.

When people ask me what type of writer I plan on being, I can never give them a solid answer. I’ve decided not to confine myself to one path. Sometimes I’ll even say that I’m not sure if I’ll be a writer in the end. Who’s to say that I won’t change my path once more down the line?

I guess this is just another one of my identity blogs. You know, like when I dropped out of school and killed conversations at parties because I didn’t have a major. Since then I have gained multiple identities (SD card salesman, freelance writer/designer, etc.), but again, these aren’t carved in stone.

I bring this up because I was very recently directed to one of my old articles about leaving school, and it’s had me thinking once again about the choices I am making. Don’t worry, I plan on sticking it out in journalism (it’s probably going to be a great time), but it’s always reassuring to have someone tell you that you don’t have to make all of the heavy decisions right now. Enjoy life and live in the moment. There’s plenty of time to make all of the mistakes you need to to be happy. Writing, luckily, does not feel like a mistake. I may have no idea what I’ll do with what I learn, but at least I know that I’ll have options.

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