Time for Excitement

So it’s that time of year once again: the time when all us students who went home for the summer holidays begin packing up our belongings, restless and ready to move out, and to head back to school. Some, I suppose, might be feeling a bit nervous or homesick already, but I am not among them, so I can’t really relate. I’ve been ready to go for a while now (mentally, I mean—I haven’t finished packing yet), and I can’t wait to get back to Toronto and start classes again.

It’s nothing against my family or anything, and I know they won’t take it that way. I’m just REALLY excited for school this year! Next week I get to register for all my courses, and I can hardly wait. I’m really hoping to get into all the electives I want, like the corset-making course for costume design, and maybe wiggery or one of the sound-design classes. I’ve always said it, and I’ll say it again: taking classes you really care about is the BEST feeling.

The other thing I am excited for is moving into my new apartment. It’s an exciting notion, having a space that is all your own—a place for you to turn into a home. And the fact that I get to live with my two best friends is just icing on the cake.

It’s exciting to think of us decorating the place, and cooking meals together, and just generally being grownups with an apartment and stuff. I know it sounds like such a childish thing to say, but this is my first apartment, and I must say I have some grand notions about the whole event. We’ll be like the cast of “How I Met Your Mother” or something—hanging out in the sandwich shop downstairs, getting into wacky shenanigans, doing schoolwork on the fire escape, maybe… It seems so beautifully artistic to me, as a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa, the idea of having a fire escape. Again, it sounds a bit childish, but I’m excited all the same.

So I’ve begun to pack, though not too extensively, since I still have a couple weeks to go and need a lot of my things out where I can use them. But I’ve got the boxes, and most of my stuff has been gathered together, at least. My grandmother gave me a lot of kitchen items, like pots and pans and things, so I will probably box those up sometime soon.

I’ve also been working on a recipe book with all my favourite family recipes. This way, I’ll still be able to have my favourite home-cooked meals while I’m away at school. My mom has been making me cook dinner for us all every once in a while too, anxious to make sure I’ll be able to feed myself properly now that I’m no longer on the school meal plan. I told her that was silly, and of course I could follow a recipe, but of course, she made me prove it with mac and cheese.

But lo and behold, I can cook! And you all should learn to as well if you can’t already. It’s much cheaper to buy your own groceries and cook for yourself than to eat out all the time, and the food you make will probably be healthier too. It’s also a good way to get yourself excited about going off to school, if you aren’t already. Doing anything to get ready will pump you up like it’s pumped me up, I’m sure of it.

Just a few more weeks to go and I’ll be off to Toronto again, ready for the new school year. I haven’t been this excited for school since kindergarten!

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