“We aren’t hiring.” How To Respond To A Rough Job Hunt

Isn’t amazing how each week I always have something new to talk about? You’d think that my life was scripted to fit this blog perfectly. I’ve gained some work experience here and there to build up my resume, filled a temp position and I am now on track with my job search.

That’s about the point where everything comes to a screeching halt. Last Friday, after dropping off around 20-30  resumes in one mall alone, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about my chances of being hired soon. The responses in most stores were more or less the same:

“We’re not hiring right now, but we’ll hold onto your resume for 6 months.”

“We’ve actually hired back all of our seasonal workers, but we’ll give you a call if something comes up.”

I was floored when I received this response in an American Eagle, flat-out:

“We aren’t hiring.” The salesperson wouldn’t even take my resume.

No matter. I was expecting this response due to the fact that stores are actually letting go of employees rather than  taking more on after the holidays. I do however feel like a high schooler attempting to compete with the college/university flood that starts around May.

For some people, the thought of being out of school and without a job and very few prospects can be a scary one. Left and right people are telling you that they aren’t hiring and a lot of the time you have pressure from other groups, including yourself to find employment. If you are in a similar position to me (ie. taking a gap year) then do not let this stress you out. Chances are you have probably just begun your time off.

Persevere and continue to drop resumes off wherever you can. Apply at places that you might think not to. Since Friday I have probably dropped off around 30-40 resumes, not including online applications and today I finally
had a breakthrough.

After spending ten minutes waiting in line at an EB Games in a mall where the average customer is around 80 years old, I was able to hand in my resume and this time I received a completely different response than the first 39.

“The boss man (she actually said that) will probably be looking for someone new, so I’ll definitely pass this along.” I don’t know how many people at that mall actually play video games, but if it means I have a job then I’m all for the 90 year olds playing XBOX.

I know it may not be much help saying, “Just wait. Something will come along.” But there has to be a somewhere that needs an able-bodied person in the prime of their life!

If all else fails, you can use my dad’s method of hanging out in the back alleys of restaurants at 5 in the morning, waiting for someone to open up and ask for a job. I don’t actually endorse this idea. I’m sticking to traditional resumes and applications. Anyway, I’m off to bombard more people with my qualifications! Happy hunting and good luck!

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