What to do When School’s Out

In previous weeks, I have discussed what to do when you finish studies and the options that are open to you, and what to do when you’re stuck in limbo having completed all your education and trying to find a job in your field. But, what about when school’s all finished?

I’m talking about the choice you have to make once you graduate, but before you end up being stuck in limbo. What do or can you do?

Well, here are your options once school is out:

1)      Go back to school again and go to grad school or get another degree.

2)      Plunge head first into your career of choice and get a job in your field.

3)      Take some time off after you finish school and do some travelling.

Your first option, going back to school again is always a good option because education is always a good choice. It looks good on a resume, and it might improve your chances of getting a job over someone else because it demonstrates that you are more qualified for the job. The only downside to choosing this option is that it can be extremely costly, especially since tuition fees continue to go up every year.

Your second option, plunging head first into your career is a smart and highly recommended option. The reason being that once you graduate you’ll be competing with not only your fellow classmates but with students from the same program all across the country. And the longer you wait to apply for jobs in your field, the harder it will be because every year you will be competing with a new a set graduates. The sooner you start looking, the better your chances will be.

Your third option, taking some time off after you finish school and do some travelling, is a more leisurely option but it might be just what you need. After all those years of studying, doing homework, doing presentations and writing essays and exams, you deserve to take a load off and relax. You deserve to go somewhere you’ve never been before and take in the scenery but never had the opportunity to do so. The only downside to picking this option is that it might make it twice as hard to find a job in your field once you get back.

So, when you’re trying to decide what to do when you are all done school think about what your career goals are, what the job market looks like or whether you really just need a break before you decide anything else.

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