Where Have All My Friends Gone? The November Crunch

November seems to be when all the year’s blockbuster video games/entertainment are released. It’s funny that this time of year also seems to coincide with a great deal of stress in many a student’s life. Coincidence? Probably not for most, but the stress students experience around mid-to-late November is very real.

By November, classes seem emptier and many people seem to fall off the face of the planet, locked into work/study mode. Some even goes as far as getting a friend to change their Facebook password to avoid the temptation of that time sucker.

Maybe it’s because I am only taking first-year courses, but this all seems strange to me. How is it that school can absorb a person’s entire life? Have these people let everything pile up to the point that they can’t even be social on a Saturday night (Don’t lie to me—I know you don’t have class on Sundays!)? There are two possible answers to these questions.

The first: students are stressing themselves out more than they should be. I understand the need to do well in school, but it should not take over your entire life. I have a few friends who refuse to do anything remotely social (e.g., go to a movie, go to a club or bar) until they are done their last exam. Even in upper years this really shouldn’t be the case, which leads me to the second possible answer to where in the world is Carmen Sandiego all of these students have gone to: prioritization.

This is where we can start to point fingers (or our Wiimotes) at Skyward Sword and Skyrim for creating overstressed university students. Other factors could include Twilight: Sparkly Vampires and other dangerous distractions during the final leg of the fall term.

While it’s easier said than done, you have to set priorities to help maintain your sanity during the whirlwind month that is November. Of course, school should be your top priority. Attend classes, study for exams, get those papers done, but don’t go overboard. Try as you might, you can’t memorize the entire textbook.

Manage your time so you can get everything done, but make sure to take time away from the books/papers. Sleep is going to be your best friend, followed by your actual best friends. Find ways to maintain your health and your sanity—otherwise all of your work will be for naught.

Like always, I’m going to push physical activity on you. If you’ve been reading my blogs since I left Humber you should be in amazing shape. No excuses. Go to the gym, go for a walk, try to touch your toes. Get your blood pumping for a few minutes without worrying about what assignments you have to finish. You still have plenty of time to complete them (hopefully).

Take the time to let your friends know that you are, in fact, still alive. I’m not saying you have to go binge drinking, but don’t turn yourself into a social pariah. I give you permission to go see Twilight: Why Does That Guy Never Wear a Shirt? But only once! I know it’s going to be amazing, but you still have work to do.

Anyway, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (CTFxC of YouTube) got married two days ago. This is far more important than any Royal Wedding, so I’m going to completely ignore everything else and all of my previous advice and make watching that video my number one priority. That is, if it’s uploaded…

As always, good luck with exams, good luck with papers. Winter break is nearly upon us!

I’m on my second venti coffee today and it’s only 10:30 a.m. Therefore my tweets are bound to be hilarious. Or just written in all caps…

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