Why am I Still not Getting any Call Backs?

Why am I still not getting any Call Backs?

I’m sure when you actually say that to yourself it’s more like “Holy <Bleep>! What The <Bleep>! Why the <Bleeping Bleep> is nobody calling me back?”… actually you probably had a lot more bleeps in there.

Job hunting alone is a full-time job. I wish I got paid for it! You spend days, weeks and months crafting your resume and hunting for jobs. You probably send out hundreds of resumes every month to any random employers just praying you can get any possible job.

Eventually the Law of Averages kicks in and for the 100 resumes you sent out in September, you get maybe 3 calls. A 3% response rate? That’s pretty bad. On top of that, the 3 responses are for jobs you really don’t want.

So how can you improve your response rate? And even if it does increase, how can you increase the response rate to jobs you actually want?


I know you maybe to too lazy to do this (and trust me, I am guilty of this) but you need to sit down and take the time to customize each resume submission.

You don’t need to go crazy on this at all. In fact I always kept 2 resumes. I had one somewhat “general” resume which I fired off to all the jobs I didn’t care enough to customize for, and I kept one beautiful copy of my resume to tweak and add to for the jobs I really wanted.

The best way you can customize your resume is by using the key words the job post has. Don’t copy paste things word for word, just pull out the important words.

For Example:
“Experience managing a web site and blog content and promotion and/or other business related social media experience. “

I could write:

– Manage blog and website content for Career Options Magazine for 5 months and increased viewership by x% (Try to quantify your successes. Sure you did the job, but did you do it well?)
– Develope Social Media strategy to promote Career Options Magazine content

See I used about 7 of their words in my own description. The reader can see the direct correlation between their description and my own work instead of just assuming they will find it themselves.

Another benefit to customizing using their words lies in this little technology I was told about last year. Turns out some organizations actually have software that will sort through the hundreds of resumes and pull out resumes that fit the description. Pretty brilliant, if you ask me!

A little touch you can do to customize your resume is to put the name down of the person in charge of hiring for the position. Sure, some jobs have it listed, but if you actually bother to go out of your way and call the company to get the hiring manager’s name, you have no idea how good that looks.

Also, you should always call them back if they don’t call you. Call to see if they got your submission and when you can expect a response. Maybe you’ve called and you didn’t get the job, ask them why and how you can improve your next submission. Always learn from your mistakes and improve upon them.

Sure, you could rely on just firing out hundreds of resumes and getting random worthless interviews, but here’s a little quote I like to follow:

“Quality versus Quantity”

I know you’re bored of typing up resumes, but if there are a few jobs you really want, put in the extra effort and I promise it will pay off!

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