Your Parents are Coming – Look Busy

Ah, the obligatory parental visit – another rite of passage from the aspiring university student, and perhaps one of the most double edged as well. It seems innocent enough, your mom or your dad (or both) are just passing through your new territory, and so they decide to stop in for a visit. How is that a rite of passage you ask? Well, I”ll tell you; it”s the first time your parents get to see for themselves how you will handle living on your own. And that, my dear readers, is a big deal. Maybe not for you, but definitely for them.

It”s the ultimate trial of their parenting skills. Did they raise you right? Can you stand on your own? In the past three months, have you done any laundry? What”s in your mini-fridge – vegetables and milk, or a 40 of vodka? (Mine definitely has veggies and milk.)

I hate disappointing my parents, I really do. So the day before my dad was supposed to stop in for a visit, let me tell you, there was CLEANING to be done. Laundry to be put away, empty cans (If you read my blog on keeping your room clean, you”ll know how messy I can get) and… ugh, I won”t even get into it. I bet he never even realized how nervous I was (I”m a pretty good actor), but it was definitely a little bit nerve-wracking.

The other problem was trying to figure out what to DO. I mean, it”s your parents, it”s not like you really hang out with them the same way you might with friends who visit. My dad only had a couple of hours before he had to catch a flight for a business trip, too, so I spent forever trying to think of something worthwhile for us to do. I didn”t get anywhere, best online casino so when Dad showed up, we just put his bags in my room and went for a walk.

I find, even though I”d made a big deal of it up until that point, once you”re back with your parent, suddenly all the pressure”s gone and it all just goes back to the way it used to be. We went for brunch, and then I showed him all my favourite places around the city, gave him a tour of the campus and the theatre buildings and we just sort of talked. I”d been so worried about what he”d think, and if I would prove myself capable or not, that I forgot – it”s just my dad. He doesn”t care about that kind of stuff, he just wanted to visit me, even for just a couple hours between flights.

Now, my MOM – that”s another story (Just kidding. I love you mom!)

So yeah, don”t stress the parental check-ins, just clean your room up a bit. They”re really just coming to see you, not to judge or nit-pick. And hey, the other great thing I learned from my dad”s visit is that there really IS such a thing as a free meal! Thanks, Dad!

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