The 5 Facets of University Experience

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge vlog fan. The videos always feel so unscripted and raw. I think YouTube is a fantastic service whether it’s for looking for a music video, a viral video or a vlog – I probably spend way too much time on there.

I have my regular subscriptions that I watch daily, but once in a while I’ll find something interesting to click on. This weekend I ventured around and clicked on “The Vlog Brothers”.

Their most recent post was called College Advice From an Expert. John Green qualifies himself as an expert as he has both “attended college and watched Animal House” of which I have both done. Plus I write for an undergrad blog so take that!

The vlog breaks down the college (I don’t know why Americans call university college; it’s not like Harvard is a community college!) into 5 different experiences which I thought were pretty darn accurate and which I will put my own spin on.


I know so many students are worried whether or not they will be able to make it through university and get their diploma. To be 100% honest, maybe you won’t. Two of my closest friends didn’t make it past 1st year but then honestly went on to find bigger and better things because Business really wasn’t meant for them.

At the same time so many idiots are able to graduate. They ride coat-tails, cheat, and scheme or are just really lucky and manage to graduate. I was stunned to see just how many of them graduate.

The good news is, if you’re worrying about if you will graduate, you most likely will. You have values and goals to achieve. Personally, I can’t spend 4 years and $30k, and not learn anything! I had some tough times – really tough times, but I pulled through and did really well in university. When you start to hit the hard times, make sure you use all your resources that the university makes available to you and create your own resources along the way.

Interpersonal Relationships

Your entire university experience revolves around your interpersonal relationships, whether it’s with other students, Teaching Assistants or professors and you should try to make the most of them. You’re not only building friendships, but you’re also building your network.

For example, I wasn’t big on visiting professors, but for my Market Research class I went in maybe twice to get help. I ended up making a connection with my professor and killed the class. She then asked me to become a TA. I eventually became a consultant, which looks fabulous on my resume and I made some great extra cash in the process!

One thing I highly recommend doing is joining a school club. I always thought these people were so lame and clique-y. Sometimes they are, and they alienate a lot of potential club joiners, I beg you not to become one of them. I joined the Accounting Club (I know, I’m SUPER cool) out of pity for a friend who needed a VP Marketing. That club opened up so many doors! I got to meet a lot of top Partners at Canada’s largest accounting firms (Phew, they know how to party!). I also met an amazing bunch of students from other universities, and I got some practical marketing experience making my own ads and marketing packages.

I can never truly express how much value a club provides to your personal and professional relationships, and I strongly urge you to join a club starting first year. You may not get a job first year, but that’s when people get to know you and you will increase your odds of getting your desired job.

Binge Drinking

This is pretty much an inevitable part of university. It starts with frosh…and ends with you praying to the porcelain gods.

You’ll find people are pretty passionate about this: they are either huge binge drinkers or don’t do it at all. Don’t let anybody else influence your opinion because in the end it’s you that has to live with this decision. Sure, throwing alcohol in the mix can make things more fun but if your having a good time revolves around drinking…that’s just sad and I know a lot of people who feel like that. Though you will have some wild drinking nights, you usually end up forgetting them as that is a side effect of boozing…oh and MASSIVE hangovers.

Try and find a happy medium. Even if you don’t drink, people are pretty accepting of it. As long as you put yourself out there and have a good time, people won’t judge you. University is about learning and having fun!!

Road trips

Unfortunately I didn’t do too many of these but the few I did were amazing. You kind of start small when you’re in high school but once you hit university, hold onto your hats! I remember I used to do these with my wild friend, Shelly. We even had a road trip song which we would yell at the top of our lungs while sticking our heads out the window.

I suppose you could group road trips into binge drinking because that’s what usually happens, but the best part is the drive itself. You have nothing to do but talk and get to know each other better…and sing/scream your favourite tunes. As for tunes, I might recommend Kelly Clarkson or Spice Girls (guilty pleasure – you ladies know what I’m talking about), any great 80’s bands like Queen and Styx and I can’t forget The Beatles. Justine Bieber does not qualify. Make sure you burn yourself a CD with all your favourite jams because radio stations between major cities in Canada suck.

The best road trips are the ones which are just a spur of the moment because anything can happen. You’re only young once so go on and enjoy it! Paper due tomorrow? Hmmm… how much of your final grade is it worth, and how much is it worth to go skinny dipping in Lake Huron?

My favourite road trips include the trips to The Big Apple (no, not NYC, an actual BIG apple) to feed the llamas, trips to Montreal to visit a wild *ahem* ‘ladies club’ and hookah bar, and a trip to Quebec City to visit my favourite pub with over 200 beers. Oh, and Peterborough – Trent University knows how to party.

Living on Your Own

I personally have not experienced this yet and am very jealous of all those who have. Living on your own just makes the university experience that much better. Instead of talking out my rear, I have invited a guest to tell us about her experience about getting ready to move into res for the new school year – Stay tuned!

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