It’s Hiring Season!

Well it’s a brand new season! I love fall –  minus the cold part.

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving. Can you tell I love pumpkins? Can’t forget the fall colours. I think this coming weekend will be the weekend to go sight seeing to enjoy those fall leaves while they’re still on the trees.

We’re also into another season:

It’s hiring season!! Many people aren’t aware, but September is a HUGE time to hire new employees. In fact there are 2 hiring seasons: September-November and January-April. September is by far the biggest of all those months.

Let’s take a quick glance at January-April. This hiring period is for the summer. Deadlines for applications are due around February with interviews taking place up to April.  Jobs tend to start in May and end in August. If you want any hope of a serious summer job on your resume, start in January! Most people don’t even look at job postings until April so keep yourself ahead of the competition.

Now for September. This is for the big kids! So you’ve finally reached your 4th year and you have no idea what you’re doing. Well, you think you’ll be working but where? What will you be doing? Is it going to be something retail or in a restaurant to help pay the bills or will you be working to advance your career?

Application deadlines tend to extend into mid-October. The entire hiring process lasts the full year and jobs generally start September of the following year. The jobs employers offer are often amazing opportunities.

They aren’t looking to waste an entire year of testing and interviews for some schmuck to work reception. Even if you don’t get the job you applied for, hopefully you will have made a good impression and the interviewer may put your  name in for another position.

Be prepared; there is some stiff competition in these “job competitions” so bring your A-game, do your research, and make sure you resume ( knocks it out of the park. There are hundreds of resumes to sort through; then they get narrowed down for further rounds of testing.

If you’re looking for some great opportunities that are out now, check with the Government of Canada ( which is currently going through post-graduate hiring but also has many opportunities all year long for all Canadians.

I’d like to quickly flip back to summer jobs again. The government also has an fantastic program called the Federal Student Work Experience Program or FSWEP ( Students start registration online in October and are put in a master database where employers can pull potential candidates based on their field of study. Students are also free to apply to any job they choose.

This program is built for students, who have little experience, to help them develop their resume. Employers are not allowed to pick students based on their level of experience, so for those of you who have never worked a day in your life, I  implore you to register for FSWEP.

The greatest part about getting a job in the government is that once you’re in, YOU’RE IN! The government will always hire one of their own employees over a new employee; the benefits are amazing; and there are great opportunities to work your way up. Just think, you could be the next Deputy Minister!!

If you’d like more information on hiring, what the process is like, what employers are looking for or have any other questions, check out Career Options Magazine’s Connect Zone:


We currently have 4 employers set up for you to asks questions directly to the employers! How often do you get a chance to do that?! Seriously, I wish I’d found this way sooner. You can ask them any question you want anonymously so please do yourself a favour and ask them a question!

If you’d like to see more employers up there, post a comment below and we’ll do our best to get your questions answered!

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  1. Andrea

    Hi Andre,

    If you check out my last blog I gave a quick bio on myself.

    I’m actually a new graduate with my first ‘professional’ job after a long hard job hunt because of the economy.

    I hope to share some of my experiences and advice I’ve learned with my readers to help them as they go through the same experiences.


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