mag-landCareer Options is a unique suite of magazines that help students and soon-to-be grads find the work they love and build the life they want.

Career Options Post Secondary has been a vital resource for university and college students aiming to join the workforce since 1986. Readers will find the latest employment trends, information on key industries and career paths, tips from experts and recently hired grads, co-op and internship information, advice on graduate studies and much more. Best of all, our writers are all students or recent grads just like you!

CO High School is dedicated to helping Canadian high school students choose their education and career paths. We’re here to help you get ready for the world!

Our special editions, such as Career Options MBA and Career Options Skilled Trades, are one-time issues that accompany either our post-secondary or high school editions. Stay tuned for more special editions on specific industries or degrees.