10 Tips To Live By At School

As you read this, I am probably out somewhere celebrating. As of this morning I have completed my last final for the semester. Writing these posts each week has helped me put everything I have learned and experienced this semester into perspective. It has also posed a challenge for me in that each week gets progressively more difficult to find something new to write about without telling you guys how to write a good essay week after week.

So, as I pack up my room and write this article, I’m going to do my best to condense my four months of college into a few tips and rules to live by.

1)Try tofu: You don’t have to take this literally. What I’m getting at is to try new things that you might not normally choose.

2)Go outside: Don’t let school be your life. Venture forth from your campus to get the full college experience.

3)Get the most out of your tuition: join clubs, go to sporting events, and trips into the city. Use the games room, the gym and the lounges. You’re paying for them after all!

4)Stay healthy: Just because you can eat pizza everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t mean you should. Make adult choices! Also, don’t stress yourself to the point of illness!

5)Don’t be afraid to change your mind: You might find yourself in the wrong program. If this is the case then find out what you really want to do!

6)Do your dishes: This can be taken literally in terms of actually doing your dishes to have dishes to use, but it also will make it easier for your roommate to live with you. Clean dishes could be the key to keeping both you and your roommate sane.

7)Your meal card is not infinite! Even before the end of the semester, I know of people that have cleaned out their meal plan. Know your limits and stay within them!

8)Get started! Don’t leave anything until the last minute. No one wants to get to work right away but you also want your sleep, right?

9)Don’t hunt for the bird! Bird courses are hard to identify. Choose courses that interest you. Not ones that look easy.

10) Have fun: I know, corny, but college is probably going to be one of the best times of your life. Don’t take it for granted! Meet new people, discover new things, change yourself, make mistakes and change your mind.

This is a pretty generic list so take it as you will. No matter what, just enjoy what you are doing and college/university will seem that much easier (hopefully).

Well, that’s all. Thanks for reading! Good luck to those of you still writing finals, and happy holidays and a new semester to everyone!

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