Career Profile: Christopher Alleyne, 23

Current Job: Co-Founder and President, fanfare recruiting services limited

Current City/Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major, Marketing Minor), Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, 2009

Christopher’s Story: Christopher was a born entrepreneur. After learning the fundamentals of commerce at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, he co-founded fanfare recruiting services limited, an online recruitment solution provider that connects students, employers and post-secondary schools to create mutually beneficial employment relationships.

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Christopher’s Career Path:

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Christopher Alleyne showed his entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. When he was still in elementary school, he started his first business by seizing an opportunity just outside his front door: he offered his services shoveling snow off nearly every driveway in his Toronto neighbourhood. “I’ve always been encouraged by my parents to take the opportunities that are available,” he says. “My dad always said, ‘We can provide you with the opportunities, but it’s your choice whether or not to take them.’” Christopher took that advice to heart and has applied it in everything he’s done since.

Get the Right Education for You

Always a strong math student, Christopher enrolled in accounting at George Brown College after graduating high school. When he realized that accounting wasn’t the right fit, he transferred to commerce at Ryerson Universitys Ted Rogers School of Management. “I found that what I enjoyed the most was marketing,” says Christopher, who enrolled as a marketing minor. “But I took finance as a major because it’s applicable to everything. In case I decided marketing wasn’t for me, it would be easy to transfer somewhere else.”

Participate in Your School’s Extra-Curricular Activities

As it turned out, marketing—and Ryerson University—were definitely for Christopher. He made the most of his university experience, taking advantage of opportunities outside the classroom as well as in. As the first Vice-President of Internal Relations for the Ryerson University Finance Society, Christopher created educationally enriching events for the school’s students. “I spearheaded an event called Stock Market 101, which basically introduced (commerce) students who weren’t majoring in finance to the basic principles of investing,” he says. Thanks to Christopher’s efforts, he and the other participants had the benefit of learning from a broader range of professors than their scheduled classes offered.

Draw from Your Experience

While at university, Christopher noticed a gap when it came to matching undergraduates with co-op and internship work experience. “You’ve got … talented students who don’t have access to job opportunities because post-secondary schools don’t have the resources to provide all of their students with job opportunities,” he says. “And you’ve got employers who want to hire these students but don’t have direct access.” Christopher, along with his lifelong friend, University of Guelph graduate Latham French, decided to bridge that gap. In 2009, the two co-founded fanfare recruiting services limited, a web application that facilitates employment relationships between students, employers and post-secondary schools. The company takes a collaborative approach, ensuring the needs of all three parties are met. Still, the idea behind fanfare stems from Christopher’s own experience in school. “One of the big motivating factors was helping students get more jobs,” he says. By reflecting on his experience, Christopher and fanfare are now able to meet the needs of students throughout Ontario and, eventually, across Canada.

Christopher Says:

“If you keep at it and you keep working hard, you’ll be successful. It may not be with your first organization, it may not be with your second, but eventually you’ll get there.”

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  1. CharlesBisson

    Great story Christopher, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Good luck with Fanfare.


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