Enterprising People: Area Rental Manager Erica D.

Erica-Deschamps-smallGrowing up, I always thought I’d end up with a job that involved golf. While I hoped to golf professionally, I knew I could provide lessons as a backup plan. Even though neither of those ideas came true, working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been an amazing ride. And, I still get in an occasional round of golf on the job.

I first learned about Enterprise while sitting in a leadership class at Western University of Michigan, where I attended school on a golf scholarship. A female branch manager had come in to talk during one of my classes about customer service and the type of people Enterprise hires.

At that time, working in the transportation industry did not seem like what I wanted to do, but that branch manager made a good impression that stuck with me. She made such a strong case that when I returned to Canada after earning degrees in business management and international business, I looked them up.

I went into my first interview with Enterprise not knowing much about cars, but felt everything else fit perfectly. As I returned for subsequent interviews, I met more and more women who had made a name for themselves within the company and I continued to think this could be a great opportunity.

I joined as a Management Trainee in Sault Ste. Marie, in Ontario, Canada, in 2008. I learned the ropes pretty quickly – I had to because the next closest branch to ours was 3.5 hours away. Within 12 months, I became the Assistant Manager of that rural branch, and after a transfer to Ottawa to gain more experience, I came back to Sault Ste. Marie as the Branch Manager just shy of my two-year anniversary. Using what I learned in Ottawa, I helped lead my first branch to experience 45 percent growth.

Some might say I learned early on how to respond quickly when opportunity knocked. After getting Sault Ste. Marie back in the black, I accepted a Branch Manager position in Ottawa — nearly 10 hours away — to take on a location that had struggled with growth. With the help of my team, we developed more strategic relationships and followed through on our operational plans. After 12 months, our branch had grown by about 35 percent in revenue.

I’ve learned a lot during my time at Enterprise. In fact, when I received the promotion to run Sault Ste. Marie, I remember thinking, ”Wow, I can do this.” It made me realize I had the potential, and with great mentors, I’ve continued to progress.

Today, I serve as the Area Manager in Northwest Ontario. I oversee six branches across two time zones, but my job focuses mostly on employee development. I can’t do everything by myself, but if I train my team well, we can do anything together.

Enterprise as a company is exactly what it claims to be. We work hard and we reward hard work. It’s as simple as that.

I love my job, but I love my time off the clock, too. When I’m not working, I like to golf and hang out with family and friends. I think it’s incredibly important to spend time with those who support you, and that’s why we invite our employees’ families when we host events after work. Our families are our backbones, and without their support, we wouldn’t be as successful.



The Enterprise Management Training Program is where you’ll unleash your career potential and hone your management skills. At Enterprise, you’ll be rewarded based on performance, not seniority. And, since we have established locations across Canada, you can build your career where you want to build it. go.enterprise.com/canada

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