Finding the right ‘fit’ for you

Every year, countless students drop out of college or university before completing their first year. According to a study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, the number one reason for this is a “lack of clarity concerning education and career goals.”

Many factors go into choosing a college or university program—including parental and/or peer influence, perception of future career opportunities, and proximity to or distance from home—but research has found that finding the right fit for your interests, personality and aspirations is the best indicator of persistence and success in your educational journey.

Before choosing your own post-secondary destination, especially if you are entertaining any doubts, career counsellors like Neil Baldwin of Sheridan College recommend that you start with self-assessment. “Individuals should carefully consider and assess their abilities, interests, values and personality as a first step in career planning,” he says. “Next, explore all of the possible career options that align with your self-assessment. Once you’ve developed a list of potential careers, do the research to drill down to specific career options. Only when these steps are completed should you start to plan your education.”

Sounds like a complex, time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. As part of a student online casino success initiative, Sheridan’s Student Services department developed a set of web-based tools that are accessible to anyone to help in this process. The Idea Generator is an online questionnaire that will help you identify your key areas of interest when it comes to the world of work.

Once you’ve reviewed your results, you can move on to the Career QuickTips, another online tool that includes resources to help you research over 40,000 job titles, make choices, and locate relevant programs, both at Sheridan and elsewhere.

For those who want to delve deeper, the college offers a free Career Planning Micro-Course, also online, that will help you do a more detailed exploration of your potential career choices. Offered in five modules, the entire course takes about 10 hours to complete, although you can pick and choose which modules fit your needs.

To try out any of these tools for yourself, check out the links below:

Finally, if you prefer a more personal touch, career advising workshops are offered regularly at all three Sheridan campuses:

This is a sponsored post provided by Sheridan College. 

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