Gear up with the right resume template for your industry

We are truly lucky to have the Internet and such a variety of websites at our finger tips to help us with our job hunting process. Long gone are the days when one had to go to the library to find books on ‘Creating a great resume’ or where you had to sit and decide on the best font and color to make your name pop at the top of your document.

A great example of an online tool to assist you in creating the perfect resume for your industry, is – you can see at a glance, which of their 279 templates will work in your field of expertise and fit in with your personal style.

It is obvious that different industries have a preference for certain formats and luckily Hloom has already done the research for you. Here are some great resume examples to illustrate this point:

Engineering and techno savvy

The Tabular Resume Template is ideal for the engineering and techno savvy individuals out there. The overall look is very organized and it has a table-like appearance. With resume examples appropriately named Bar Chart, Qualified and Streamlined, you will easily find an example that fits in with an industry that is more structured in nature.

126-Bar-Chart 89-Polished

Sales and Marketing

As the name suggests, the Creative Resume Templates will make sense for those that work in sales, social media or any industry that values creativity. These visually stunning, one-page resumes, have fancy and self-explanatory names, such as Icon Fun, Sales Report and Promote Yourself.

231-Refined 229-Creative-Bricks

Designers and photographers

Using the Portfolio layout designers and photographers can easily highlight and showcase their accomplishments in a visual fashion. Film Strip, Professional Endorsements and Picture Timeline is only a handful of options under this category that will allow you to strut you creative stuff.



Try the Contemporary format online casino if you are a project manager, financial professional or an industry expert, to make your resume truly stand out. In today’s extremely competitive job hunting market, it is crucial to have a resume that will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. With names such as Multitasking, Leaflet and Artistic Flyer, it is clear to see why these resume templates will appeal to someone looking for an up-to date and dynamic look and feel.


IT and Technology

The Modern layout is ideal for people in high tech positions and those in the IT field. You will find it easy to show that you are up to date with the latest trends in your industry, with resume examples such as Presentation Slide, Personal Brand and VIP to choose from.


Playing it safe

With the ATS optimized format as an alternative option, you can rest assured that your resume’s content won’t be repositioned should it go through a company’s Applicant Tracing System. These templates can still be used for a variety of industries. Even though it uses a clean format with standard fonts, you will find that it still attracts attention with examples such as Technical Special and Business Minded.


Armed with the right template for you industry, you can now let your resume to do the work for you when job hunting!

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